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Freshly back into the studio uk gone for a while there i was somebody was kind enough grace to make coffee during the break so i had to wait for the coffee to be finished mhm standing there watching it drip is that what you do standard in front of the drop microwave come on wait a minute here's one of the things i've ever done most of my day is spent waiting for food to be prepared but hey since the first time you said that have you it was really the only the second welcome back to the show have a lot to get to your christy what have you got over there hasn't jurors were stock aboard a train in britain after the driver got lost on the route from newcastle lost almost is that possible passenger jenny harvey tweeted friday that the cross country train harvey was lost somewhere near wait a minute of the references famous jimmy stewart movie harvey robert he's about six feet tall relatable because all of your references are so insanely relatable they switch tracks singer said she was lost somewhere near pantera fact and that the driver went the wrong way according to the orchard post the train was redirected to sheffield where passengers took a different trains of their intended destination cross country spokesperson confirmed the incident and said it's currently being investigated so i don't know why he got lost took it took a wrong turn somewhere but i thought people did that thought it was the tracks that moved in the train just kept going remember bevis guy driving a bus driver.

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