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He's a vision world champion. Loman check mom and shackle gave him a pounding. A pounding. The great heart, the great heart of Comey kept a minute. But it was close, very close to the referee early on. Stopping that fight. After four or 5 rounds, whatever it was. But you got to be cognizant of that. That a human head can only take so many blows. And he was back in the ring pretty fast in this fight. You know, in another tough fight. Comey's going to be an old tough fight. Said face it. That's what he's going to be. And Pedro two. And now he's in another tough fight. I'm just saying that his people have to be pleased. And the commissions for once earn your freaking money. You know, once in a while, if you see, even a guy don't get knocked out, but like an old man shackle 5, you see a guy takes a lot of punches. And inordinate amount of punches. Please do your freaking job and say, you know what? We want him to stay out of the ring for X amount of time. Give him a little longer rest. This way if the people around them don't know how to do it or are inclined to do it, whatever reason, then at least let a commission who's supposed to look out for the welfare of the fighter. It's supposed to be part of their responsibility. Let them do it. Again, you got to keep an eye on a guy on all fighters. But suppose that guy who fights like call me with his heart with his soul who takes punches to give punches at times and it took a lot in the long circle fight. He was in another tough freaking fight he had ten rounds. He doesn't get any easy ones, but now at this point in his career, watch him. You people out there that the commissions, the people that, again, are mandated with this responsibility, supposedly, and of course, also his people, come on, watch them. Give them a rest. He's had two tough fights back to back. Give him a rest before he gets back in that squared circle. Yeah, I couldn't agree more. I mean, you described it perfectly. Like you said earlier, very slow weekend this past weekend, but one of the fights that we touched on a little bit last week, but just revisit Andy Ruiz back in action against an aging Louis Ortiz lying on this one, teddy for the guys at my bookie, Ruiz is a huge favorite here, minus three 85 plus two 40 on Ortiz, I think that I think that maybe, you know, I've seen a lot of people say that Ortiz may be a live dog in this fight, but I also think that people may be underestimating the degree at which he is sliding. He's old. I mean, you know, with these Cuban fighters it's hard to get an idea of what their real age is. And I don't know, I'm going to look and see what they have Ortiz listed as, but what are your thoughts on that line and the fight in general? What's the line? Give it to me again. Ruiz minus three 85 or T's plus two 40. Well, T's has a punch was shot. He's experienced, oh, by the way, I'd be remiss if I didn't say guys stay on here after we're done with this. This is going to be a fairly short one. Stay all we got Jonathan banks to train up the great triple J in training camp. We got him coming up in a great insightful interview coming up right after this. So please, you're going to enjoy it. You're going to enjoy it. But getting back to that. Ortiz has a bunch of changes to southport. This one I'm positive about. He's a southpaw. He can bang with the left hand, he is 40 or maybe 41 or whatever. List it as listed as 43. 43. Okay. On box rec, but there are people that claim he's much older than that. Whatever is about to get the great Cuban pitcher for the Yankees that came over. You know, he defected from Cuba. Nobody ever knew how old he was. I think he pitched his last game, he was 85. But so he went to high school with me. Yes. So I just, I think that he has a bunch of shots still. Obviously, the line is probably right. I would favor Ruiz. Ruiz looked horrible and his last fight with Chris Arreola, an older Chris at 40 year old areola who heard him several times in a very game. Ariel is one of my favorite guys. He's a tough, tough, tough son of a you know what. But he's taken a lot of punishment. He's been around a long time. And he caught Ruiz buoys to look good. He caught him a lot. He heard him a lot. Maybe Ruiz lost too much weight was no trainer. Canelo's trainer maybe lost too much weight. But whatever the reason, he got hit a lot. And if Ortiz can hit him like that, as easily as that. He's got a chance. He's got a chance. I would go with the yonder, would stay under now one. Do they have one? Yep. Yep, so over 9 and a half at plus one O 5 under 9 and a half minus one 50. Yeah, all right, so they're not that dumb. They know what they're doing. Yeah, I would probably go with the under. So you laying, hey, if you're going to bed go with the under maybe. Make sure you can bet. You make sure you got that extra box, don't bet your responsibly was serious about that. You're only better if you have obviously you have to extra money. But I would say that you don't have to lay the heavy wood on one side of the other if you take in a favored. I mean, if you like the underdog, take them. Go ahead. But I would lean more towards laying a little bit the one 50 and going with the under probably gives you, you know, give you a little bit maybe of a better shot. And that kind of way. The one thing I wanted to say about the pedras fight before we finish up over here, unless you have something else, is that pedraza and Comey quadratic did some and I tweeted about this. I say he's got to use his jab and he's got to go to the body. He went to the body, put water in a basement like I used to say over ESPN when I was caught on a face. He went to the body of call me. He was getting older. He was smart, really smart to go to the body. And it really paid dividends. I always would say going to the body in boxing is like putting money in a bank. You put money in your own private vault. I know that. And you have gods that are around it. But for the average person that puts money in the bank, you're going to get interest. If you leave it in there, you're going to get interest. And that's what body punching is for me. Where you go to the body early in the fight you stay there. You're going to get paid interest dividends later in the fight. And you know what? But draws a guy paid dividends. Call me who is very aggressive. I know they had butt came in too. But call me who was very aggressive, slowed down. He slowed down later in the fight, Ken. And the reason he slowed down the body worked. The water in the basement. It took something that it took some starch at him. It took a little petrol out of the gas tank. And for those young aspiring fighters out there, it's so it's not glitzy. It's not the sizzle, but it's so important. It's so important to go to the bias. What I hate sometimes about the amateur programs is they don't teach the body work enough because it's a dream round fight, whatever it is nowadays. And it goes fast and it's all about throwing a lot of punches. Sometimes they forget about defense. It's just about score, score, score. Instead of learning all the prop elements of the sweet science, all the dimensions of the Swedish defense kind of punch and everything and body work.

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