Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, Justice Department, Judge Emmet Sullivan discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


We're looking for signs of ancient life, but we're doing to other things that I think are also stunning. Number one. We're going to fly a helicopter on Mars for the first time in human history, and we're going to prove that we can turn the the carbon dioxide atmosphere of Mars. Into no kidding. Oxygen for life support air to breathe right, Einstein says. We will eventually send astronauts to Mars after another trip to the moon has been another delay on the Justice Department's efforts to drop all charges against former national security advisor Michael Flynn. Lieutenant General Michael Flynn's legal fate remains in limbo while his legal bills Continue to mount the D. C. Circuit Court of Appeals announced the full court will hear the case of the Department of Justice is decision to drop charges against President Trump's former national security adviser. A three judge panel of the D C circuit had earlier upheld. The DOJ is decision to dismiss Flynn's case. The original trial, Judge Emmet Sullivan, appeared vehemently opposed to Attorney General Bar's decision to drop the charges. His argument was that in dismissing them bar interfered and what was the court's territory that if Flynn didn't like the course decision, he could simply file an appeal boxes. Doug McKell Way Flynn had pleaded guilty to charges he'd lied to the FBI. The Justice Department later determining there was no legal basis ever to charge Flynn. In California. Prosecutors re filing charges of child rape human trafficking against the leader of the Mexican megachurch after a court dismissed the previous allegations over prosecutorial errors. Masson Joaquin Garcia once again charged with three dozen felony counts involving five women and girls between 2015 and 2018. Two of six American oil executives jailed in Venezuela have reportedly been released to house arrest on Jack Callahan..

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