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It for a second? You're talking about people dying from a disaster. Dressed as a clown, he started, what are you doing what she had a mask while when she started the didn't show that here but you had a mask on. So you could only see just the the upper part of the of the Glenn face which she better have registered with the cloud union say that. They don't take kindly to mess with the cloud. Serious OH I. Don't mess with the clowns don't do it. You're Siri they registered the faces on every cloud has to be registered I mean look there's eggs there's an egg clowns face registry. That goes on and look at that right there. Each clown faces different. Don't mess with the Cloud Union Man I. Hope they all registered but these Cheddar Mascot and she's supposed to get the idea was that she was going to be the sad clown because was reporting sad news and she's smile face. I mean it's not a sad cloud and she says and I don't know if they have it but she even said in the in the interview I. Hope to get back to the happy days Can I just suggest that maybe when we're talking about death and disease, you don't wear a clown outfit. All. Will any sort of thinking outside the box? A little bit I grant you that. Say. Don't do the clown outfit real at all what is happening to society look Come, on and. Health official. So reworking for. The government. Post this. Too. Unreal. To believe I know the study of a real world anymore now seriously not even. I. Don't even know what where we are seriously living how this is happening. It's camping real madness. It feels like it can't be real does it does feel that way but there she is. In all her glory with a better be registered cloud face. Since we've got Seattle in the more on Trivia L. tied up. Let me tell you about this Seattle Story Seattle Library. The King County Library in Seattle Washington is still open. yes. However. there. Segregating, their meeting places the for people. They've got people of Color in one area and white in another area. They've decided to segregate into separate but equal training sessions for their employees this because of social justice. So I thought it was right social justice that stopped segregation now it's sewer bastos encouraging. Yeah. We sure segregating. Gordon to Chris Rufo filmmaker. Director. Of Discovery. Institute's Center on Wealth and poverty at the King County Library System of private consulting firm called Racial Equity Consultants recently I love the. Who Does Racial Equity Consultants Group. They held a racially segregated listening session as part of the libraries ongoing racial justice programs. The consultants begin with an anti oppression framework. Of Yours, you can't start a study without that, and then just that's the beginning. That's the beginning, and then of course, you use the segregated sessions in order to root out institutional privileges. And systemic inequities embedded in the current socio political conditions that influence and affect our institutions bunch of even if you don't realize it. Oh, sure. I mean this is actually Thank you the people who think they're not racist or the most racist among us a many? Yes. Thank you. Yes you are you. In fact you've never been more right? I just can't even take we're back. To segregation and the other side this doing it. Yeah. Yeah, it's the rate racial justice warriors the Social Justice Warriors. That are segregating want equality yet separate. We'll wait. Hold on I thought. The also seem to be discouraging. We had that Those two COMEDIANS was one was supposedly white supremacist in the other. Justice. Warrior. And you're one of the things was that neither side wants interracial marriages or interracial couples. Well wait why. That's a social justice issue now that you don't want the races. To. Intermingle will know you want. I don't know what? They found common ground through their eight. Yes. Yeah. I mean the whole thing's it's unreal. Amazing upside down world. These consulting groups are Making a charging a lot of money for this Gobbledygook. Yes. Oh yeah, and every. Every business you just read is Gobbledegook. No, you didn't like all it is really you didn't. agonize. So how would you? How would you advance Western society my bringing everybody together, Jeff instead of separating. With fricken free in the monkees. Tired of slave. Day One day one, I'm free the slaves, monkeys, Fisher Administration thought you didn't care about that. I thought we agreed that the. Political winds are blowing a different direction. They were five minutes ago. I never played the tape you put on your website if I ever said that I didn't care about the monkees. Okay, I'll do that. Is just insane. It is just insane. It is. I'll give you another in Saint Story. Socialist. Alexandria Cossio Cortez's in Vanity Fair appeared is she was on the cover. That's a cover shot urban. There she is. Wearing her fourteen thousand dollar designer outs, outfit at. So t can't believe that it was that expensive dollars I. Remember the first time I saw this couple days ago I thought boy she has stepped up she is moving up to that deluxe apartment. There is no doubt about it. She's in her what her second term now, right as as Congress as a congressperson. About to be I write, US. Oh my gosh. We to tolerate her for less than two. Yeah. Coming up on shabby. She is now starting to Red Wings Man I know. Dog She's she's on the way. Yeah. So so if you had to if you add the place, a Bet Alan does she serve in public office before she loses or oh, she`ll Tires. He's got a couple more years in Congress and then the senator from New York Oh forty, fifty years of her. Oh. Yeah. She could. She could be enough fifty years. Isn't that frightening happy. Halloween. Everybody Iran is sufficient. If if you say Biden wins wins that cannot happen the way but let's just for an example, let's say Biden wins and something heaven forbid happened to Joe Biden and he not be able to. pull out his whole term and Kamala. Harris becomes president. Why would she pick AFC to vp can't yet not old enough? She's not thirty five years. She would pick any female. She doesn't want that kind of competition. Bogged Down with rules. Yeah where where did you get that information? Pat The US Constitution come back the United States. Constitution doesn't ring a bell. Yeah I know that's our problem. We get an extra hour of sleep this weekend. When are we to? The we need an extra hour halloween effectively right I. Got a full moon..

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