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Was driving home to Marino valley when he was killed in a crash he'd been with the department for Levin years the fifty eight year old officers car ran into a trailer that had broken away from a semi truck on the riverside freeway in corona the force of that impact also made him crash into another nearby big rig he'd been assigned to the anti gang unit of the boy in a park police department and was also a member of the department's color guard some of his fellow officers join in a procession the took his body to the riverside county corner a take down by federal agents in Los Angeles a when after group of drug smugglers who used modified cars to ship their good authorities arrested five people charged in a federal grand jury indictment alleging they took part in a drug trafficking ring that imported cocaine and heroin from Mexico assistant US attorney Carly Palmer just cars are now being used to smuggle the drugs across the country right capping organizations have done is they've found models of cars that have a large natural void in this case they found at two thousand five and two thousand six BMW that had a large enough to avoid in there engine man about and they basically contracting in compartment that a place in there and then fell with drugs Palmer says agencies twenty key. those of cocaine as well as several firearms those charge could now face ten to fifteen year mandatory sentences Chrissy greens can extend seventy newsradio twelve twenty time for your money the department of justice is conducting anti trust reviews of at least six acquisitions in the cannabis industry Bloomberg's Christine Orem says there's little risk of a monopoly forming in the highly fragmented business but investors have been cautious some analysts say it may just be that the government needs to develop a better understanding of the industry but until at least one of these deals gets approved it's likely that is going to continue to weigh on stocks tennis remains illegal at the federal level but our room notes the DOJ's acting because of all the MNA activity at the state level so the department justice kind of has an obligation to examine it even though it remains illegal at the federal level that's one of those interesting dichotomies that we're facing in the industry right now due to the ongoing federal any illegality the first approvals could come this quarter and benefit the company shares I suspect that when the first dealer to closes all of these other companies that are under review right now even if they haven't gotten the official go ahead will see their stock prices respond positively we check your money at.

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