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We don't want her around people fighting and cursing so I laughed. I said finally i avoided them after their friends called one day and they were They said oh. People magazine confirmed that your mother is on that show now and so they were calling me and then i just kind of avoided them for a couple of days. Because i didn't know. I was embarrassed by i got caught so i felt like the child. You know the roles reversed. Yeah absolutely and but we're good now. We're okay. It's so funny. Because i wanted to ask you of nikki appears who do you think would make a better future real housewives of beverly hills. Never neither one of them never ever not their thing. Yeah you know it definitely makes sense your new talking about your hesitancy to do the show in the past because just as such a super fan of the show always wondered how strange it must feel for you to watch your own family drama sort of play out to the world to see and not be a part of it and when you came on this season was there any part of you. That's like will now. I'm here to sort of share. My voice in point of view like did you wanna clear anything up or were you just like the past is the past and we're moving forward in a positive direction. You know the so much went on an it's an emotional roller coaster for each and every one of us and as i was saying earlier in one of my interviews we just go on and on and on and sometimes camera just goes on literally. We could start filming like a after dinner. Let's say at ten o'clock and if we could go to one in the morning yeah without a break and we like it that way because we're all talking about this. We're talking about that if anyone has to go off to the restroom it's real life. It's just somebody goes off to the restroom that they back. Everybody is very passionate in how they feel and what they're disgusting. Whatever topic were on. It's real and so with that you let your guard down and you kind of forget the new thing. Gosh what did i say. Yeah or what did i do. Or it's really you have to watch and see and by the way there's not i'm not sure sometimes. What what they will use when you think of all the hours and hours that we are filming sometimes not everything can make it into the show with kim. Supportive of your decision joining the show up. Well of course. I called her. I asked her. I said what do you think she said. Go for it. i would do it and she said. Just don't lose your temper. If i like a very easy breezy going person. But if i lose my temper ru watch out you.

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