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Somebody, I'll try to sit. I have to witness the debating during commercials that we do for free. No, we need to get paid for that check on. Then we lied to. I number eighty. That was the rating Cowboys defensive lineman tower on Crawford guide med nineteen. But it was physical appears that bothered him when he saw his good that's Tyrone hopped on Twitter to put mad and under pressure, writing quote, who on your staff it? Okay. To make my body look like Humpty Dumpty, I demand a review. Are you surprised this work by the way the formality of who on your staff tilted? Okay. Yeah, winning actually looks like and they did have him out to your mad. Toby, I think what they did auto Tyrone. Okay. Yeah, that's. Oh, Yep. Checks up. One of the things I assume at and did Bo was that they looked at his physical attributes and said, he weighs two hundred ninety pounds. You must have a gut and no, we are just watching sport that is populated by physical Marvel's who in fact do not despite wearing about three hundred pounds as well as anybody could wear it. But the good news is that mad and did recant the image. Can we show the updated picture? Look, I wrote Crawford. I feel like the fact that they updated it. That fast is indicated to me that somebody at man, it was just messing. We help like I don't know what kind of personal beef. He's got up there, but somebody seemed to save the real Tiro profit. And another folded just in case this day actually came people care about this stuff so much. And I understand why by the way, like video game ratings video came resemblances as much as TV is a thing, so is the ratings is one thing that is own discussion, but she didn't go hand out here. Like I got a good when I don't have a good day. That is, that is no matter what it happened to be. This is like the hall of fame bus that doesn't look like you, whatever it is. This just happened to be correctable situation by the way. Did you know Stephen Tyrone coal, bear. Oh, middle name, tie road. And so when I saw it is right here, I was looking close like we got another one of these times, but in fact, nobody did not. This was just do, but a possibility. My favorite video game for the record by the way remains NFL blitz. Shannon Sharpe was so good in that game and Shannon Sharpe superfan. Mobile, go ahead. Next number twenty twenty two. That's the recruiting class. LeBron James junior a brawny. James will be part of this weekend. He made an unofficial visit to Duke with his teammates. So Bomani could you see broadly being a blue devil? I mean, maybe maybe have you had too much brawny in your life? Oh, no, it is. No, no, no. Is not about having too much brownie. I got no beef brawny is the thought of brawny plan for Duke, like how that one is kind of like, oh, Wow, I've really hadn't thought about it in that way. Question is going to go to college. No, these rules going to be in place that force Brian to go to college, not. He ain't going be there. I feel like LeBron himself is behind the scenes pushing for the rules to change..

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