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This is the Shanahan family is running through this entire list interesting so yes I just brought up case keenum keenum. He went from Minnesota to Denver and Kubiak he he went from Denver to Minnesota Soda Now Chuck Pegado he replaces Vic Fazio who went from Chicago to Denver. He is the new defensive coordinator of depth buyers trademark me your thoughts was well. This is the one that this this instigated the article <hes> thinking about Chuck Pagano because you lose Vic Fangio. Who is I think along with Wade Phillips the most most respected affected defensive mind in the game right well bill belichick sort of on an island up there by himself but you know throw in Romeo Coronel is another guy who's respected but we don't really we know what Chuck Pagano is? He had one year defensive coordinator with the Ravens where they finished third in defense with Ray Lewis Ed Reed Terrell suggs and then he went to the the colts and he never really had much town to work with on defense now he's token over a defense that is almost sure to regress to the mean just because they had a sky a high turnover rate loss very few games to injury last year and cannot and fifteen percent of drives with an interception like they did last year especially especially That defense every week to make up for their offense. I felt like an if you're if you're in the situation Pagano. You're going to get blamed from their earliest part of the season. It doesn't go well. Why would I want to take over some for someone who floundered before me you come in and you look on the other hand when you have a chance to work with Cleo Max Akiem Hicks Roquan Smith Dan Danny I mean they're absolutely loaded Jackson Kyle? They are loaded and yet. I think it's a tough spot to go to for for Pagano. Dan Pompei wrote a good article at this week on the athletic about the bears just did the teams that return all their starters and the expectations of their sometimes. Those are the ones I'm worried about. There's there's no longer like the COMP. There's no competition that all the starting back they were Kinda hungry and trying to prove who've everything I think Nagy did such an amazing job. Can He create that many plays again but defensively. It's just proven statistically that is tough to stay that dominance stay. Hey that Hungary on paper though they are the best. I don't think like you need to try to come up with some hot. Take that there's some other team. They are the best on paper. I'm interested in your number number of number four on your list and again Chris Wesseling Rhoda Banger five new coaches with maker big potential so the Falcons we all know what happened Kyle Shanahan new coaches coaches okay presided over offense that was historically great <hes> in the two thousand sixteen season <hes> in Atlanta when they went to the superbowl nearly won the damn thing before collapsing <hes> he he leaves gets the GIG and San Francisco head coach job so Steve Sarkisian comes in and he never was able to match it he he was never able to match the magic even though they did score points just wasn't special so what do they do west. They bring back guys that were familiar to Matt Ryan and Company Company before that amazing two thousand sixteen season which is almost to say. I don't know from a perspective and outside perspective. Maybe we'll never capture lightning in the bottle like we it didn't twenty sixteen but we liked what we were before. Kyle Shanahan got there. We didn't like the Sarkisian version of us. Let's try. It's as you wrote. Go back to the future I four years Matt Ryan's Careers Coordinator was Mike Malarkey next three years as coordinator was Dirk Cutter Falcons hire both of them this year one to coordinate the passing game the other coordinate the running game and Dan Quinn cited continuity. Basically they want to run the system. Matt Ryan's been running while he's been a top five or six quarterback the last three or four years rather than going back to what they're cutter was doing <hes> <hes> and dirk cutters. He runs an air coryell like vertical spread scheme..

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