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Oh that when it he's amazing bill how did outlook or do in our cuisine his neck of the woods ziuganov all right acts good going now i want i want to thank him at the end there a new editor drunk okay i got so mole has asked if he can thank i'll rocard so i'm going to do the outreau and then you take it over heredia ever get so i'll roker is a calling for on nbc's today show morning show mystery mortal mishaps the movie adaptation of his book premiers on the hallmark channel this sunday i'll roker thank you so much for joining us today thanks how right thank you so much the home things it was so it's just a bit it take a deep breath is our listener limerick challenge call one triple8 wait wait to join us in the air we'll be back into met with more weight on tummy from npr we've heard the meek movement loud and clear now how do we transformed awareness can to meaningful chain joint wnyc for a national conversation where we explore how workplace culture can evolve punishments the fifth the cry and greer responsibility from mere beyond me to women men cower exchanged beginning monday night at eight on wnyc.

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