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And you're talking about hurtful language or are you talking about layabouts. Who don't pay their rent. You're supporting them. I mean i it must take all. They have not to come out in favor of abortion in the third trimester because they're just radicals that's what they are. They're not public. Health officials there radicals and they are hoping. Also i'm telling you right now. She was asked about rogan. When rogan said twenty one year old healthy 21-year-olds don't need the vaccine. They're hoping that this will be the rare case. Were someone who's not elderly. not obese. Takes a wrong turn. But even if he dies doesn't that just proved point that like joe rogan made his choice. We all have choices. He chose to knock vaccinated pandemic and he died from a virus. Like that's literally the whole point. Is you have a right to take a risk now. Well i think you the people who take risks. Turtle don't think they're going to die. You know this. This radio host phil valentine. There's some liberals were dancing on his grave. He's sixty one years old. I don't think he was obese. But he was probably not great shape and he was an anti vaccine. Rogan's on an anti faxer. We never has been. I'm not a you are. But i'm not anti vaccine. I don't think twenty year old. I certainly don't think twelve year olds. She could vaccine. Does that make you an antibac- cer- again it's like if they had a vaccination against t- to cure dementia right. It'd be wonderful it'd be. It would be great the development of great breakthrough. Would you ask. In a fifteen year olds take it if they had a vaccination against dementia. There are certain things that don't affect children one of them being covered. You know so. Why are you forcing this injection on children. It's and i can't imagine being in your position turtle boy where they're going to get to six year olds you know. They're going to get around six year olds and he'd say yes your year old must be vaccinated and you will fight them and you will resist. But they're going to their goal. They flat out says to make life difficult for the unvaccinated. I don't like the conspiracy stuff either. But don't you have to ask the question that a lot of public funds are going to pay for these vaccinations. So can you not see. The incentive is to try to get as many people take it as possible was the number in the number of pfizer New all new billionaires like twelve guys became billionaires during the pandemic but during the their the value. Yuks you have to have last question right. Where what's the incentive here. No doubt now. You're talking my language following. Well you know what it is created. It is fertile grounds for creating for growing young skeptics. If not conspiracy theorists yes when you say a dozen guys in a billionaires because they have not only Developed a sold as this vaccine forced it on people and and shamed you if you don't do it we don't do. We know if rogan has been vaccine so is talking yesterday on just on twitter that he was vaccinated. But i didn't. I wasn't able to confirm that before we went live today. So that's something. I'm definitely gonna look into today. I can't tell when i see him in. Pictures is he just jacked or z. A little chunky. He's got a lotta muscle this. He's like one of those people that exercise. He's got a lot of free time so you can. Exercise lowers these fitness junkies. One of those legitimate martial artist. Ju jitsu short. but it's like The the fox Of nfl guy jay glazer and he always talks about ma ma and training and everything. And i look at him and he just looks like a little chunky guy to me. I know he probably trains hard. But he's not exactly a lean not exactly lean a lot of muscle i mean. He runs in slogan rogan national champ in in mixed martial arts. So i'm going to guess you gotta be in pretty good shape to do that. And i was talking to Mike clark lenny. Lenny was on rogan. When logan was still in. La and they were getting ready to record. I heard it. It was a great show. It was all down memory lane of a boston comedy. Because rogan came up. And my clark owns giggles and he looks and he handles a lot of comedians and get some jobs and And rogan was a young comedian which is hard to believe that he was one of these young comedians planned. Giggles and nick's comedy stop in boston. I don't even think he's funny on his show. I mean he's good. He's good interviewer and he's smart. But i was surprise when about a year ago. Maybe you're could have been year and a half ago. I think it was on Net flicks. i don't know what it was. But he had to stand up special. Yeah and it was good. I mean he was funniest. Halley was he was a little dangerous little edgy and he was good at but that doesn't come through necessarily on his show. I think it's i think it's a different format. I mean when he's got comedians on hill. They'll they'll batra back and forth and it's a little bit funnier. No his standup. I think he's probably a better writer. A comedy writer than he is. I mean pro. I liked the show. Sometimes i don't get the whole like i don't understand why it's so popular all he does. He's not that interesting himself. He just invites interesting on his show is just like oh that's interesting. And what's interesting. Is he says anything remotely. I don't say controversial just opinionated. It goes viral like he talks about cancer culture and so he canceled cultures out of control. Cancer sucks he says the same thing we say or millions of other say and boom it gets it gets a video clip get set out and it's everywhere and it's like. Oh joe. rogan comes out and gets canceled culture. He probably audience in the country though bigger than tuck because they always influential any noise influential with not just conservatives but also some libertarians but And i'm sure many people on the left also listened to him and that's why they're threatened by people like him is because he has such a big reach and they're like okay you know tucker carlson's only gonna talk the right wingers or is this guy might influence some people on our team. If he says. I'm crazy we need to shut that down. I think he's at bernie on right sitting at bernie on roy like some really really like some. I'm going door stem. He endorsed doors which was stupid because he doesn't. There's no substance to. We talked about it at the time. He just said i really like. He's a good guy like he doesn't smartest people think he just says. you know. i was smoking peyote last night. And i really like bernie's ideas. He's really cool. Find rogan that interesting. It's just the the people that he has shower at your. He can't make the case. He endorsed burning but he couldn't support it with any real substance. But that's okay. He he that in that way he kinda remains. You know a man of mystery. He means a guy that you can't put into a box like us but just to finish the story leading and micro waiting for him to come in at his studio in. La three cents like an airplane. Hangar and the door opens and incomes. Flying in an tesla is Rogan and next to the the setup where they're doing the show is a boxing ring. He's going to hold. Jim in this league airplane hangar with whatever weights and all excess equipment and a ring a a mixed martial arts ring. I guess you're right. He does a lot of time and he works out hard but he still looks a little beefy. And whenever you see someone who. And i realize you're not supposed to talk about this turtle blood you see someone who dies young or fairly young covert. They show a picture. It'll be someone with it or vaccinated or whatever the you know. Nowadays it'll be unvaccinated guy and then you see them and they look like you know. They're very very overweight. And you're not allowed to say it as turtle boy points out has been yapping for a year and a half never ever does. He say it'd be a good idea to get up and take a walk. Haven't seen numbers either on that being a co or komo are our komo's biddy how what. What percentage who died are obese like eighty eighty. Haven't look at the data with japan. Japan is one of the least fat countries in the world somehow and nobody dies of in japan when they get it. It's like over the most obvious. Statistic is that obesity equals death for covert. Just i mean and that's fine if you don't if you're fat and you don't want give vaccinated..

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