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Schuckardt radios the giants are due in about fifteen minutes from MetLife stadium is a rough of we none of the NFL regular season cowboys have won the previous five meetings between the two teams dak Prescott numbers impressive recently against the giants last three games nine touchdown passes zero interceptions ESPN NFL analyst Tim Hasselbeck with key points on the cowboys defense against the G. men as of late yeah for the past they're not a good news on the one from the market forms in Lubbock when other guys that can win match ups and then when you think about something that's been a bit of an issue for the the New York Giants is the movie order back didn't change their protection and Daniel Jones will make his first career start tonight against the cowboys Monday Night Football on ESPN TV and the E. S. P. N. F. Josh Gordon passed his physical with the Seahawks and he's been medically cleared to practice beginning Thursday Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson expected to miss at least six weeks undergo core muscle surgery in Philadelphia on Tuesday Andy Reid address Patrick my homes possible return today let's say is move around that's that's all I get to it I mean I don't know all the medical terms for you just look better this way than they did last week is he ready I can't tell you that I'm not sure we'll know that till we till we get there you know so see how it all goes here I love the doctors almost she's on the road this Sunday against the Tennessee Titans JD Martinez elected to I'm not opt out of his contract with the red Sox Madison Bumgarner received a seventeen point eight million dollars qualifying offer from the giants as we got the one about the show Tuesday Greg Cody's it is our guest co host will talk to tighten side and the lady Walker is immense I will talk to Ron McGill that's Tuesday and elements are so at least we got.

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