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Lay it out and then let me make the decision to tell me what I think. A last question for you, Senator Leader. McConnell was my guest on Friday. I asked him if he agreed with me that at least four of your colleagues have violated Article six of the Constitution by imposing religious test on judicial nominees. He did agree. Senator finds time with the dogma lives deeply within you. Senator Durbin, whose himself a Catholic like me by asking Judge Barrett first hearing. Are you an Orthodox Catholic Senator Hirono by saying religion on the table, and Senator Harris by challenging the Knights of Columbus is a disqualifying membership. If this happens again, will you speak up in judiciary and demand that the question be gaveled out of order? There is a constitutional prohibition against this. Yes, indeed they areas and it should be gaveled out of order, and I think you will see the chairman step in. What they're trying to do is to say if you are a woman of faith. Who takes her Children to church every Sunday. Then that is a disqualifier and listening to my friends on the left you you would think that they have decided that only secularist or atheist are allowed to hold the seat on the U. S. Supreme Court. Do you have any any doubt She's going to be confirmed earlier said that she's going to get a vote. We haven't heard the hearings yet. Stuff can happen. We obviously know that but knowing what you know now and having seen her come before, I guess you weren't on judiciary when she came through the first time. Do you expect her to be confirmed? Oh, yes, I fully expect her to be confirmed, And if the Democrats choose not to show up, so be it. As long as 51. We're good, Senator Blackburn. I love it. Senator Marsha Blackburn is the author of the Mind of a conservative woman which is right here going get it, And I think every conservative women and people who love them will enjoy. Thank you, Senator. She's a great advocate for religious liberty. As is the alliance defending freedom. I've told you many times today. I've tweeted it out to help you're following me on Twitter up. You're listening to the show on Facebook and watching the feed on YouTube. Subscribe to the feet. Actually, if you just want to make sure you see it. You can do that at YouTube. Just find my name at YouTube. You Hewitt and we're on instagram. But on all those platforms you will now see on your screen. Will you fight for your freedom Give now that is the link that's available at hughhewitt dot com. That is the link that will take it to the alliance. Defending Freedom fundraising page. Whether you give $10 or $25,000 actually just $100 from a million people. We have to keep ADF lawyers in the field fighting for our free exercise of religion and our free speech, which they do whether or not you're Catholic or Protestant or Jewish or Muslim or no religion whatsoever. You can be a Buddhist, You could be a Hindu. They fight for free exercise of religion or no religion at all, And they fright for free speech. The first freedoms they're called. And these are the freedom of to be no established religion and to be freely open to exercise their religion. That's what alliance defending freedom does. That's why encourage you Please go and support them. They've been Sponsors and partners of mine for 20 years. I've given speeches after speech at a T F all of them. Go support him. And don't forget really factor dot com. There it is for you as I do every day, three times a day I remind you I take it in the first I can't take it three times a day that would not be healthy. I take the right amount every morning and then after the show when I am able, I think the rain has stopped inside the Beltway. I don't hear it on the studio wall anymore. So I think I will be out and about in the Byways.

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