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In order to get the guy back he backs them up now should he have shoved him should he have used a taser this is open for debate but the quickest way to get a guy off of you is to give them a good shot in the face and it did work now the walla tosa police department is going to determine based on a thorough investigation with weather this was excessive but what we've seen here is a pattern i in milwaukee near fifty i and capital where there was a clearly psych kadett man who attacked four officers so badly that they ended up in the hospital and now here in woah tosa where we have witnessed video once again shot in vertical format with the cell phone i cannot express you know how billing always harps on people turning their lights on when it's raining i'm gonna start harping on people if you are a witness to something turn the phone around shoot it in horizontal format not vertical format will surveillance video was just released in both of those instances that show a much clearer picture did the officers run out and immediately smack the kid in the face as the witness video clearly implies no the surveillance video that i'm watching right now shows the officer very calmly attempting to approach the man as a witness tyrone jackson said he said i don't have to talk to you i'm a minor in what alternate reality is that the case that you can say i'm a kid you have to talk to my mom i don't need to talk to you suffice it to say this kid needs to learn about the law a little bit eventually the officer keeps what this kid keeps ignoring commands to stop right there a police officer does the reserve the right to stop and talk right at that point the teenager is the officer get gets closer turns around and appears to struggle when you're that close there is a reasonable fear of christopher manny incident in which a suspect is able to grab an officer's baton taser pepper spray or heaven forbid a gun it is therefore incumbent upon said officer to eliminate the threat not eliminate probably a poor choice of words but to mitigate the threat to get the guy off so he can then detain him and make sense of what's going on he did so in.

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