A new story from Skip and Shannon: Undisputed


You better not because he's been swinging if you look hard and we don't have time to go through all of this draft picks but he did he he picked bond miller and i give him that his first two drafts are pretty good he got julie's thomas i give him that and he got maliki and dirk neil given those those are out of those first two drafts these start looking at the next what is it five essex after seventeen if the look at look hard at them and you don't see a whole lot do but the 2011 with easy now because if you did reach four quarterback you you hear about the part because you go vaughn member of uses i i did not see this bond miller rat tech's than him i didn't i watched him a lot i didn't see him taking over games the way he started to take over games in denver so i give john high marks on that one but i mean they need but i mean pat peterson has been seven probowl yet 80degree got julio jones's so if you didn't read four quarterback jake locker blamed gabric if you didn't reach one of the of care with the first pick if you did refer one of them do you hit it out the park so all of a sudden john elway has to hope that kirk cousins a would choose denver in fact they're going to offer an assume they will it's going to be an auction yes and number two he better hope that kirk cousins is that franchise changer that you think that he is that a lot of people and i don't but whatever we'll see about that but it seems like most of their eggs are going to have to be in the kirk cousins year because i don't think he wants to try after the first four quarterbacks are gone to try and each going to trade up on but i doubt that he's going to do that no and now we step back and look at this phenomenon you mentioned the michael jordan syndrome of great players trying to pick players usually the more often than not they were so great what they did that they can't see the force for the trees because they just think everybody can do what i did it can't nobody can go in so loop what just happened with the philadelphia eagles who built.

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