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In twenty years ago, tell me about how fashiony started what What was the original concept on? What were you responding to at that time? So I just moved back to the from Naples and I was working not gotta remember line and was. Just. Chatting to this guy at turns out here insists incredible alantic Lane Katrina Bryan he's not coming on. Help. Me Decide what to do that this incredible space I was just how cools after one day I wanted to come back lucky I did back on to you. And that was very typical to make I was kind of not really sure to I wanted to stay. To be honest I had no fashion background training navin experienced doing but he got any house was staying in Renton renting his big industrial experts warehouses for fashion I I'm seminal. United line-up. Them fully gowned tonight. That was my first door adult. Yeah. Mind violent mind was blown and I. I was living in shortage gotten all these incredible characters. Because of the time it was MT waistline It's incredible creativity because with. So. There are laws nine these incredible fashion designers but without any real kind of context. I just need you. I need and. So has the jazz and people who in France. Could you could you hustle warehouse and that is honestly how it started weakening to my boss knock on his door hang my friends talented. You'll love. Could we just borrow warehouse show Katie Grand Styling and he was like he's Already know, but she's always the punch. Very Fun. Honestly, this is my very naive very on A. Without a plan kind of just wondering my. I wanted to be doing, which was helping my friends, and that is honesty how it started in sounds like making it up, but it just started from. Knock, on the door. Hey, can I borrow house an anti loved it. So much the fashion we helped lint. He was lying these kids were amazing and I want to give something back. This is a big property owner developer. It's very much as it was when you put. It. Just became his pet project. It was enough to do to give back I. Guess you just don't really find patrons. I mean, that was that was. A huge moment in London fashion with same doing that show with McQueen doing his amazing shows gutless road. The. and the eyes of the world were on London. Again. Such in time. Yeah. I was just I. Just ended up in the midst of Imus type.

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