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Welcome back what a great seibu juicy. That was very good. Join and tell you what for people that don't do. What what form anymore and just hang around for around the country. We actually picked up a few things home on actually stopped some form again. That was very informative and you can expect a lot more of that throughout the year from you and they stay so stay tuned but might let's get to around the country or I'm I'm just GonNa say these days in the white because that is him on a horse raining every single. We've had well look at that during the week. Josie Perth. What are you got right for? Number seeks flower of war. One and three quarters a second inside standard loss time at Pinjarra but they also came home really quick. We love that. We've spoken about it before many times coming home in a fast run rice or I expect to be able to win. Vela roads going to be a show price five and the rights but Oregon. We can knock off north and right number five hoster lot war sixty six from tain so he's just did we not Lost Four. He's one as well. The three of them have been slow. Ron Rice's lost was a foster on rice and was able to win so versatile to win the game. Still who do you know in La Vida was unlucky? Last doctoral is live fifty. Five and a half Chris CA- Suda and back to two thousand and fifty Ceann. Steiber Eagle Foam Rice five number seven. Impasse third up now. Four to eight hundred maters. I was in a really fast run. Twelve hundred meter rice. Perfect pro third up. It was a slow around rice but they came home. Eleven for you can win impasse. I seven two and into enterprise. Louise JUST MISSED. I up backing trip. Go to carry a little bit of white but drops grade the source and the Haitian dancer and also montage perform at listed level is good enough here and you're getting across adults sixty five last dot EU getting around three sixty the guy or artas. Sydney Renwick Rice five number. Seek special reward coming out of a really slow slow slow run rice but come on twenty to one. Eleven one mini horses can do that. It gets back to ease. April may form in Ascott. He can win special reward as the Iraq. One in six seven days freshman storms. He's back attorney is I was driving. Starts he won? He loves them all. Got Fifty four and a half and he loves the sting out of the trek camel mate. The Josie Nicer prizes rice no Minoan Cadillac absolutely Montenegro. Man Dan the strike after the full weight crushing out. They got very good or that is your best from all around the country now. It's time for Quasi. We're going to do one of these. H White people have according to have a book. We're going on north and more than the first leg because don't want to get knocked out early. Goes we're going to four six eight nine ten shortly. We fall into winter and that ninety one out. We're happy with that he's lock. You're hearing that one too. I know on the third leg so you can serve a little there and they know someone in the loss to make sure we get it one two three five eight ten and twelve hundred bucks. Sixty percent beautiful not going to be snakes. Download is numbers over those. Not all right NAM this year. We're not going to be running panel babies. We've done it last year. We're doing a little bit different what we would walk from you as as you can say the. Hashtag ON THE SCREEN. There couldn't be easier three thirty. Wfan say very wide. We want you to tweet us what you're doing at the track what you're doing with your opponents cobb. We don't care if it's a box. Potty birthday tell us why we should be getting around your age weight. We want to show some of these videos. Talk about his answer your questions and everyone. We pick h wait. We'll give one hundred dollar bonus bit and at the end of the year we get together and a few bees. Thanks for watching. Have a great way to dot com responsibly. We'll say next week..

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Ron Rice, Attorney, Sydney Renwick Rice discussed on Three Wide No Cover

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