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That massive spike in cortisol that inside your body is creating havoc on the alternate goals that most people have when they're using any type of conditioning protocol, which is obviously to lean out. Right. So not only that. So not only will you be shorting up and kind of stopping that that massive spike in cortisol which will lead to storing body fat burning it, but it's also going to help elevate your metabolic rate. You know, you have the you know, the pot so excess post exercise oxygen consumption. So you're gonna literally after the the workout has done in your body is. Adapting to kind of getting back to that state of equilibrium. Homies stasis? You're you're going to continue burn calories. Yeah. Right free. Fatty acids are being sent thought the bloodstream may will be used for energy to kind of get back to that state of equilibrium or stations. Like you said so you have that increase in in your metabolic rate. So you're burning more cows you're burning more fat at rest long after the the routine is already done. But also, you have the other anabolic form owns that are surging as well. Right. All right. And there's two the we'd really focus on one. Growth hormone. If if you have the ability to kind of do these routines in the morning in a fasted state. You know, that's one way to calls a massive influx of growth hormone. Okay. So that that's going to help you burn tons of fat. So I'll out palsy right there. Six minute routines were talking about six minutes. So someone needs to just find but say ten minutes. So you have two minutes before and two minutes after get yourself together you, but if you can find that six to ten minutes in the in the beginning of your day, you'll optimize the results. Absolutely. When it comes to obviously, growth hormone on multiple Lintz said, you're you're shore up your stopping that influx of cortisol. That leads to a story that and you're increasing of growth hormone. And also, you know testosterone is right, and which are higher in the morning when you wake up exactly I mean, all science has proven that because when we're sleeping we're very anabolic when sleeping our bodies repairing, it's recovering. All these amazing things are happening for ourselves. And don't have to get into why sleep assume important. But when we wake when we I wake up, and we kinda get that fog out of our head. That's actually a fantastic time to do something physical on a in a fasted state. Absolutely fine. Those magic six to ten minutes 'cause that can that can really be your kind of your fast forwarding yourself to to results in thirty sixty day period..

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