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Wants to spend money but also there is a giant halt to life as you know and from there it was like talk to. This is the worst the worst. Nothing's happening i was like. This is a frequent opportunity. Everyone sitting at home. Nobody's doing anything in. This is an opportunity to re establish what it looks like. Do something like. How's the deal going to get done. I love that right. And so how are we going to do this. And then from there you realize everyone's picking up their phone everybody is everybody's been craving the the the communication connection the talking. Yeah yeah the first two months radio silence because everyone's kind of sitting there getting getting getting acclimated and getting some people are relishing. I'm at home. You saw that but you also saw a lot of people being this need to watch and watching the news and he saw people like okay. Don't wanna take my head up. I don't wanna take any phone calls. Because i won't be on the radar because a lay layoffs everywhere and also. Yeah and then that kind of cycle even call it real who kind of ended and then i was able to talk to some really high level. Guys you'd be like why is this guy picking up the phone but he's not getting calls and everyone sitting there worried as opposed to creating opportunities and so we were able to deploy the pretty much the rest of the capital on some really cool dude. I love let's pause right there. I think that's such a great Important to kind of bring up. Because you're right. I remember the pandemic it was either. He'll sit there with things. Return to normal as its way to you back here who literally. I think like two weeks into her like a week into it on my. I'd have to do something i have to do. Something different something new after whatever. That's gonna win the first podcast starting on that stuff app. And also i started hap-. I like to claim that i was one of the first people in the states to start doing these. These zoom happy hours. I'm gonna take credit for that. I am. I feel like i feel like i am. That's my wife that but like but you know it gave people opportunity to like look just because we can't operate how we normally do business. You know what. I mean whether it's pandemic or whether it's you can't customers today or whether it's this thurs you you need to be creative and you have to look at this time. No one's getting around knows talking. How can you be different to write create opportunity. That opportunity exact. That's the word. Yeah so ended up working myself rachel. Yeah pretty much out of a job which was great. Right deploy the capital. What do you do now. Well we don't need you anymore. That's not the conversation but that's That's i'm sitting there and by the way it wasn't a hey redone here. It was a and his awesome. Unless it here but like you. I don't sit idly by. I have to be adding value to somebody. That's not myself but you know in turn you know that is usually reciprocated. And so was this..

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