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Be on the shell Pennzoil performance line coming up at the bottom of the hour. We're going to hear from Jim Thome who also went to, the hall of fame we'll hear part portions of his, speech took place in Cooperstown but speaking of Cooperstown and someone that's not in it There is Pete Rose you know Pete Rose as Cincinnati kid, you know Pete Rose how much he resonates with you As in that city and around. Major league baseball someone. Who's not, in the hall of fame. And Pete, Rose said. Recently that he's not very happy When I watch. Baseball not happy. With the game I'll give you a quote he says that I I I'm going. To argue with baseball until the day I die that baseball's juiced I don't care what anyone says He goes on to say that I saw the ball bounce behind the dugout the. Other day Anaheim and. It bounced into the second deck now. There's, something going, on there he said he saw price Harper break his bat and half and hit. At four hundred twenty foot home run in New York that just doesn't happen he thinks that the ball's juiced, Jordan well I mean there's there's a lot of tells here where Pete Rose coming from. For what guys, they hit king and at a guy who. Embrace, put the, ball in play and usually lead. To a hit hit making, its way, the base pass, where the game is right now it's it's home router bust is is, the league we live in right now. Unfortunately where guys strikeout rates at. An all time high guys are missing balls miss rates skyrocketed egg guys like. Price Harper, are more than happy to strike it out of. Time but, putting that ball into the stands that's, where their head is at. So I could see that. Drawing some displeasure with, a, guy like Pete Rose but again this is truly a get. Off my lawn. Guy you know we talk about Joe Simpson Joe Simpson. Didn't do, anything as a dodger he had no lawn for. People to, get off the No.

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