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They didn't have an axe throwing contest of his top off is the counterpunch Dakota would laugh at his jokes. I made 10000 jokes about him, but when he came in came out the podcast listen to the show and he's like, oh, please not mention. I was like, no you make jokes once in a while. So tired today. Did you take a Redbull before this dog off now, you know why you gave me a fake phone number phone number before he got killed and sliced it made his own drinking his chewing it right now. It went to college. I never think eight for Thursday. I don't even believe he went to college by the way, you know, it's like, you know, they had a they had a underground they had a poll but college has the best wrestlers in MMA and it was you know, OSU and a choice cuz you gotta go OSU has has Cormier Hendrix fry Randy Couture. I mean those for all went to OSU and then this way I'll Crush Meyer who's coming out a s you had Cain Velasquez Ryan Bader CB dollaway a couple other guys, but it was it was pretty cool. Actually, I think towns is Saunders went to ASU. But yeah, yeah. Yeah, you know, I see Ryan Bader is the best one out of the out of the bunch After Me Song. Crap out of the Randy Couture. Yes, come on. Yes. No. Yes, no, no choice, right Ryan Bader played Randy just out-and-out wrestling anybody. He he only had two fucking fights and that was against Chuck Liddell Randy Couture or beat Vitor Belfort Tim Sylvia and everybody, you know and roughly how long do they like but you wouldn't put like GSP or could be even that category of guys who out wrestle guys who who to win fights? Yeah, but they throw punches and kicks too though, right? Yeah, I ran it through punches. All right fine. I will go on record thinking that I am guitar had the better and make her the Ryan Bader but I understand he was a two-time UFC champion or three time, right? We're Bader never know if you'll give me Tim Sylvia and like a race was pretty good. I mean I thought oh you got your on your fucking mind. He was yeah when it was the lowest it's ever been. It was lower than this now. I'm still a UFC champion in me. How low could it be if your if your if your best guide Ultimate Fighting but nobody shows up? Nobody showed up. Nobody come on little drawings value take advantage of a little dry spell. Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean McCorkle, how come it's on Facebook, but then here you still laugh the whole time. All right. Okay who who had no better better fucking girl guitar or Ryan Bader?.

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