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Executive branch employees, federal contractors and millions of health care workers to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. Has also directed his administration to issue new rules, saying large private employers must require shocks or testing. Some of the biggest companies are already requiring mints. United Airlines, Disney, Tyson's food and even Fox News. Bottom line. We're going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co workers and the president spoke live right here on sound on stocks Lower today. Volatile session Mixed economic data kept investors on edge s and P down 20 down five tents the Dow Down 151 come 4/10 of 1% has stacked down 38 a drop of 3/10 of 1%. 10 years. 12 30 seconds 10 Year Yield 1.31% spot gold 17 94 the ounce West Texas Enemy the accrued down 1.7% 68 14 a barrel. I'm Charlie Politan. That is a Bloomberg business Flash. You're listening to Bloomberg Sound on with Joe Matthew on Bloomberg Radio. President Biden lays down new orders to fight Covid. If you haven't gotten the vaccine yet, you may be about to go so tonight. AM announcing that the Department of Labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees. That together employ over 80 million workers. To ensure their workforces. Are fully vaccinated or show a negative test at least once a week, suggesting that labor Secretary Marty Walsh is about to get involved in this and I'm sure we'll be speaking publicly about it for our Are somewhat new listeners in Boston. I mean, Mayor Walsh. So President Biden addresses the nation from the state dining room, and we're joined now by the panel. Bloomberg Politics contributor Democratic analyst Genie Shan Zeno and Republican strategist Ash right senior vice president Gate 23 strategies thanks to you both for for being here. Oh, I want to hear from both of you on this. It was a very deliberately seemed rehearsed speech in its delivery. The president looking directly into the camera. As he got. I won't say emotional but passionate at times, Jeannie in making these announcements here if we've already got a nation that split between vaccinated and unvaccinated, is this going to help? It won't help with that, but but it should help because this is really a very strong and very sweeping announcement by the White House at you know, the six pronged plan. You heard a clearly frustrated president and he used the word frustrated. Talk about the fact that this is you know, this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. These 80 million Americans 25%. Who can get vaccinated but has chosen not to. And so he is going to use the full power of the executive branch to move us in the direction of you know about. They say this might impact about 100 Million and you know, the numbers that he talked about are important to underscore. Daily News, Kate New Case rates of 150,000 and you have Dr Fauci and others saying we to be well below 10,000. So we've got a really long way to go on that. And the president is going to try to push us there. I think he's going to face some pushback. We've already heard some of that from the unions. But he's going to push us there as much as he can within the within the law and the Constitution. That's right. We just talked to Donna Shalala, who suggested we could be in for a major debate over federalism. What happens when The executive branch of the federal government starts mandating the way employers granted large employers in this case operate themselves right. It's not going to be pretty. Frankly, I would assume that a lot of states will be filing lawsuits as early as tonight. Tomorrow morning because part of part of the issue here is that the state tend to regulate the hiring, firing that companies do. And so as Joe Biden kind of kind of puts these rules and regulations as to who can be in the workforce, and who can't even if there are larger companies. A lot of that, you know, those employers get unemployment benefits and unemployment benefits are paid for by the state. You know, that makes factors on the small business owner go up. And so there's going to be a lot of kind of red tape to comb through a lot of this. What I personally you know, as a conservative would have hoped from the president, you know, just to be Frank. I thought when you use the line and that this isn't about freedom and personal choice, I thought he lost the unvaccinated in the speech and and I wish that he could come out with more of a Passionate kind of, Let's do this versus just kind of, you know, putting my thumb on roll over you, and I think that's how people are going to take it. That would also, you know, kind of question the ability of but I'm sorry it takes so long, but but aiming it at companies that are 100. Employers are over because we know that it's typically the more poverty based section of our society that still unvaccinated But those are not the people that are making, you know, 35. Plus 35,000 plots are more at companies of 100 or more. And so, although it will affect 100 Million Americans, I would I would think a mask a mass majority of those 100 million are already vaccinated. And I would want him to see do more to, you know, to help those living in poverty with, like mobile back station, you know trucks going through neighborhoods, etcetera. I wish you had taken that route, but you know, but You know, I think we're in for a long fight. Actually think you isolated one of the most important parts of the speech. Here's how the president said it. This is not about freedom, her personal choice. It's about protecting yourself and those around you. People you work with. The people you care about the people you love. I want you both to just give me a second on this because I read in politico story this morning. About the Reverend Henning Jacobson. Who was the minister lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In the early 19 hundreds refused a local mandate to take the smallpox vaccine. Cambridge had a mandate back then the case, Henning versus Massachusetts went all the way to the Supreme Court. Same personal liberties argument that many conservatives are using right now and you know what he lost. The court ruled that Henning was in fact violating the liberties of his neighbors by spreading the disease. So not only has the argument not changed in over 100 years, Jeannie But if this goes to the high court, this is the case that would in fact, be the legal precedent. Nothing has changed in a century. No, it's It's a great president to talk about because nothing has changed and, of course. You know the states the government have police powers. They oftentimes make decisions that are in the interest of the health safety Well being, and quite frankly morals of their community and in these kinds of cases, they may very well go to court. But when it comes to this issue, and I think this is where OSHA and the Labor Department are going to be on strong ground, there is a strong backing for them to say This is in the interest, the safety and health of the public. So we have a right to demand this. I do agree with ash, though, that the language is important and that is something I think the president has to be very careful about. I would have liked. He did this toward the end. I would have liked more focused on the economic aspect of this as well. He did that towards the end, but the impact on our economy if businesses still can't come back who thought they were going to come back this fall? Those are big impacts. I think he's got to focus there as well. And implore people that we are economy is going to continue to falter. If we don't get this under control, Ash, right do we have if if you're right lawsuits being filed tonight are those going to be From private employers are also from states. As the president here opens a new front. It sounds like against Rhonda Santis and others suggesting he would use the power of the presidency, promising that he would to get those governors as he said, out of the way. Yeah. Rod. I think it will be primarily the states. I'm sure there will be some employers to do it, but I think primarily it's going to be attorney general's that represent conservative states and they're going to use the argument and say that the Department of Education doesn't have the right to come in and say Make up the paper. A teacher require a teacher to be paid Also, you know to require medical personnel to be vaccinated. Which I think is interesting. It's hard for me to imagine there's a lot of medical, you know, medical workforce that is unvaccinated, but but you know a lot of those states. A lot of those hospitals are also state funded. And so I think they'll sue on those grounds that this is an overreach of federal of federal laws. But I will say the genius point. I think that what they actually did right was used the Department of Labor. There are a lot of laws that the Department of Labor traditionally in our history is there to protect the consumer. And the workers. So, for example, when you walk into a bathroom, and there's a sign up that says all employees must wash their hands, You know? Is the vaccine really that different because that laws there to ensure the safety of who's making your food or who's touching your products, and so I think they have a lot of standing will ultimately be successful, so those lawsuits that will be filed by the states Will not succeed. Is that right? Ash?.

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