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Conversation before four one four seven nine nine one six twenty the accunet mortgage talk and text line hearing is from nfl players guys that have done that job have lived through the ramifications of taking hit after he had after hits they're saying do not play tackle football until you get the high school uh harry carson gun play for new york giants he said he would now let his grandson play and so it was fourteen these are players that add significant careers the nfl had been advocates for their other players and are saying to people i don't think you should let your kid playing i know one of the things have happened with sports and it's part of that phenomenon with with really kid sports anyway there's this development all these leaks outside of their school right the the the club teams there you know the select teams and football is one of those four one four seven nine nine once executive mortgage talk in texas line it's a big deal the end when you think about the weight of aaa legendary in this case hall of fame players sanger's that i would let my kids play or my grandson in the case of harry carson that carries a lotta weights and i know and i've talked to a lot of parents who have kids that are playing in in in sports and football and youth football was which has exploded in in our area tremendously and i note highschool coach islamic as it gets kids on the path the plane really competitive highly skilled high school football it's why we're seeing the rise in the in a really the the rebirth of high school football and the state it's a tough one for parents of the figure out in effort moms tommy i'm not gonna let my like it play tackle football at all including weather in high school i mean that's how far we've gone dan from sleeping on wtmj i i've got a couple of comments on that whole thing uh my profession as outflow training and i feel i adult law with beef was cussin' and one of the points that i think is just of exuding the fact that we shouldn't feel all we can tackle football is yes they're not healing as far as they will later on in life quote you're looking at a point in their life when they're so young and their brains are so susceptible with the injury antle final part of development.

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