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Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Oh, yeah. What's a watch for here? We go EP L Friday. That's right. Don't forget Friday, three o'clock, and it's got title implications. See you in CARA hers Liverpool and Huddersfield town from Anfield. I mentioned before that. I wanted to talk about Muhammad saw a little bit more in again not. So flattering terms this past week in the wake of last game. There's been a rejuvenation in Sala diving Scott like of all the dives. That's all this probably done this season. This one is the rejuvenation what a load of on not making it up. I'm just a vessel to deliver. The message your vessel working for Neil Warnock because what he says Moore war. No, he is. He is a trick. I cannot believe my turn on him in the last few months. Did you see his are cast face on the sideline when the penalty was give saris to Yang offsides? He didn't know. He was I love that. Like, it's so funny to be he said this about solid diving. I think the end of it was a nine point nine Tom daily job, Tom Daley's famous diver. I know Tom is not I'm not talking to you. I don't think he could have got much higher off the diving board at the end of it. I'm sure you'll be saying we're knocks moaning so. And so once again, he knows like he's so self aware, which is hilarious to me. He knows what he knows that. He's just this old man yelling at clouds, and he's leading to what I'm going all in on that I've shown you the footage. He wasn't old man yelling at clothes. Hey, hey, you deserve that you deserve that. Right. One of my favorite moments in manager history. Believable to gold the players as they go off the field. I don't think I could play for him. Oh, I think it will be tremendous phone. He would create a such an also against the world mentor. I guess that that is true for for for a wound footed plotter like you you'd slot right into his team Sala, though. What Andrew did you see the incident? I'm gonna ask, you know. Here's did you see the incident did and Marson has his arms round him right now. Just solid dive at the end. Yes. But the referee gives Morrison all day to release him from his from his bare grip. I ne- never. So it's it's like if you want to argue the point solid just goes, I might as well hear what I was going to say was both things can be true. Right. It can be a penalty and dies on all asleep. The more you learn. But he does have a problem and it needs to be addressed Saturday. Seven thirty AM Tottenham in West Ham, West Ham, kinda made a habit of spoiling big Tottenham moments in the last few years because they hate you. They certainly do. There's no denying that. They knocked knock Spurs out of the FA Cup. They were the team that officially ended even though Tottenham were never going to win that title two years ago against Chelsea West Ham was the team that officially ended. It Ronald Marson scored against you enjoying the Sam Allardyce era..

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