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Politics less than a week after dropping out of the presidential race senator Bernie Sanders has now endorsed former rival Joe Biden senator Sanders endorsing Joe Biden just moments ago during a webcast stay here with KRLD for more on those developments the NFL draft coming up a week from Thursday but will there even be an NFL season and if there is what form will it take KRLD is Mitch card talked with the voice of the Dallas Cowboys Brad sham about what he's hearing from the NFL and what might happen this fall you asked two questions one is what are we hearing and the answer is nothing because nobody can possibly know anything the one thing the NFL has said is that they are going forward with plans for a regular season than normal season opening with the regular season the weekend after Labor Day but between the lines it seeing the industry with also a normal pre season and for the cowboys that would be a week earlier than usual this year because they are they've been tabbed to play in the hall of fame game point taken but on the second part of that I mean what are the contingency plans so that is everything the mind can imagine and and personally I almost expect at least halfway expect that we will get to a point where they will play games with our fans in the stands and I think there are a couple reasons for that one if it's feasible and medically safe to play games I think the country will need that whether it's a half of baseball season or football season the the country will need that rallying cry something to fixate on that that's not what we're fixating on now you could isolate the people that you would need to staging grain you have got two or three hundred people including players coaches staffs administrators officials media it might be possible to do that for three hundred people I'm making up that number but it's pretty close it might be feasible to do that before it's feasible to put ninety thousand people together in the stadium so I envision the possibility that they will have played games without anyone in the stands for awhile doesn't mean it'll happen but I think they're planning on that making a can not planning for it to happen making a plan in case they need to do that and similarly contingencies would include shorter season in sixteen games fourteen games all games and also how far into February they could push a season keeping in mind that all of the medical prognoses indicate there's a good chance of another wave of the virus surging in the late fall it's the radio voice of the Dallas Cowboys branch one twenty four it's time to check your money stocks remain sharply lower first quarter earnings season is about to begin with investors unsure of what to expect the Dow Jones industrial average is down four hundred forty eight U. S. and P. five hundred down forty four the nasdaq composite down thirty treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin is holding firm on strict rules for airline seeking government aid sources say the airline see little room for negotiation large airlines would have to re pay thirty percent of the aid within five years Ford is predicting a six hundred million dollar first quarter loss with production stopped due to the pandemic it's looking at a phased restart of production this quarter and is considering further steps to raise and conserve catch Amazon is again allowing third party sellers on its platform to ship nonessential items to its warehouses Dow Jones reports that is seen as a sign that Amazon is ramping up to meet demand Amazon continues.

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