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Another drug is around the corner so there's there's gonna be another drug it's just a matter of when and for how long Jerry della P. address an assistant officer with the water supply division with the Santa Clara valley water district so we always want to be prepared and so we really encourage the community to make water conservation a way of life locally the reservoirs are eighty percent full but that's not the entire story we really rely on our ground water basins here in Santa Clara county in fact that's really how the **** who we are and how we formed was to protect our ground water supplies and prevent subsidence it was just last week that the act map showed eighty five percent of California abnormally dry Jennifer Hodges KCBS the city of Palo alto could take a unique step in its efforts to stop teens from vaping it's considering fines for using E. cigarettes in public councilman mark Tanaka says he's been talking to a lot of students in the city suggestion of fund is really actually from Damascus inside a deadlocked with which that lucky you tried banning it but it's really not doing anything because it's it's so looks awesome all right now we have to do is you have to connect it from a kind of a cool thing not a big deal have a thing to you or even proxy accepted to something which makes a lot tougher to knock as a city council staff is still looking at how the fines would be in force and how much they would be but it would be a most likely involve students while also working with local schools he says a fine could also bring parental awareness to the growing problem catering workers who service airlines in LA acts claim they are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid overtime and they're not taking legal action according to their lawsuit the food service company sky chefs short she change them from January first through the present and the filing describes the company's actions a systemic and widespread and seeks damages equal to be underpaid overtime hours with apple clickable interested scholarship says it doesn't comment on pending litigation KCBS news time two thirty five in less than three minutes can can update that head on crash on highway seventeen the era of endless testimony this is Dave Ross on the CBS news radio network presented by Capital One bank it is time consuming to keep yourself fully informed for example the testimony yesterday of justice department inspector general Michael Horowitz he was there to explain the F. B. I.'s decision to investigate members of the trump campaign in twenty sixteen his testimony took over two hours in the morning and then another three hours in the afternoon explaining over and over that while he found no evidence of anti trump bias in the decision to start the investigation he found the FBI made way too many mistakes during the investigation mistakes serious enough that some people need to be fired it was testimony that didn't quite fit either the democratic or Republican story line but I think both sides did agree that Mister Horowitz definitely earned the compliment he received toward the end from Louisiana senator John Kennedy long day general you've got sturdy kidneys yes and I predict that America is going to need many more officials like Mister Horowitz because in an era of endless testimony integrity is not enough well you're testifying or just watching you have to be that person who deliberately chooses the window seat who doesn't get up during intermissions the error of endless hearings requires not.

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