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Mountain. The Mamba mentality means it means all the ultimate sacrifice. Now you gotta be willing to do things that you're not comfortable doing. You gotta be willing to sacrifice a lot of things that you normally wouldn't sacrificed to get Where you wanna go. And you know, I want to be one of those guys that at the end of the day you remember my name. You remember the legacy that I played for and you remember everything about me, but not as not as Simply has just being a hard worker dedicated and about my business in China, you know be the better man every every single day and I read like I said, I read Kobe's book. Um and just I took a lot from that, and just Um Is growing then and just growing up in a positive direction and being okay with Not being okay with someplace being complacent. You know, there's not being comfortable always striving to do better be better. Each and every day on def you do lose you take it to the chance. And then you go from there and you grow man extremely well, said Sean Murphy Bunting. Tampa Bay bugs db Sean, I really appreciate it. It's not. I understand this. Like I understand the opportunity is not easy to get guys playing in the big game before the big game, So I really appreciate you making time for us and this show really great to have you on the show. Sean, Thanks so much. Procedure grab appreciate you doing it was great Sean Murphy Bunting most amazed by young athletes that have seemingly figured it out in a really early age. Again. This guy was drafted in 2019 out of central Michigan. And just handling himself both on and off field like an absolute professional in the way he approaches his work the way he leads the way he studies the way he makes plays, just really, really mature, really focused. And again as a young athlete, years ahead of where you would think somebody like that would be Right. So my thanks to Sean Murphy Bunting. It has been another huge interview day here in the jungle. Again. You don't get Super Bowl participants part of the game They normally locked down. They shut down, so I want to thank him for doing that. I don't think the Tampa Bay bucks for making that happen. There was a great conversation. Michael Chandler was amazing conversation. Jesse Bates to the Bangles came up big Now clones. It's all you Take a break because the lobby's gotta get his little crane out. So he can lift the gigantic plastic tower of beef. The only question then is will be to my left to my right you you, Bobby likes to keep things fresh. Sometimes he puts it to my right and sometimes he doesn't Tower of beef actually has a lock on it, which rich picked Writ.

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