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He again had that's a move for that i don't know the reason ford internally from a carolina perspective because obviously they're very limited at a wide receiver position so there's something going on there uh i don't know culpin benjamin i do know that when he came out he was in the same graft with mike evans and what you have access to the result it's always easy ross but teams have to make decisions and evaluations uh before they have access to the results and i know that a number of people in that organisation like killed benjamin moore than mike evans uh so i don't know what happened in carolina uh you know i think there's more to be gotten out of kilter in benjamin i think there's more there with his body and his talent uh clearly shown mcdermott and brandon bean warren in carolina dino kelvin benjamin so they clearly felt that he's a talented kid and if he could get far more out of them uh for a team that is lacking at the wide receiver position it it it's a move that make sense for them why caroline did it none of us can answer that but caroline is lacking receivers and yet they felt comfortable getting rid of kelvin benjamin yeah i i guess marty herni the gm said that this allows them to get more speed on the field did you see that as something that is lacking caroline and that this yes emma chance to get those guys on the field yes now maybe they feel based on practice and based on what's been going on as the season has progressed that hey we have to get curtis samuel far more snaps and if that's the case then they made a move that fits damn because w what they absolutely lack on offense right now with any kind of speeder vertical dimension so they may feel that hey it's time to make curtis samuel a fulltime receiver let's get him on the field let's make him tyree kill theoretically and let's go out to add that dimension to our offense which we clearly do not have up to this point.

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