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The best storylines i think of the whole year will be how the nationally wildcard shapes up because there are a lot of good fucking teams that are going to be vying for two spots the good bullpen is bitch well three point one three pin era but they lead all of baseball in free passes with forty six that's ten more than the second place team starters have been slicing and dicing three five to er a full been fucking super sexy twenty six twenty one innings he's coming on your boy jay your boy fucking ozzie ozzie oh wow ozzy two bags in net four extra base hits five of those jacks eight of those doubles through in a triple for for for gp's over thout just a coup tool rack rope es nobile thousand he's not even bother he's not even bothering to walk right now that's a neat the ball baby so worried about it yeah i and and look they've they've got a big series where they finish up with don't they the braves they finish up with philly today right and then i think they've got phileas again like eight or nine days or so and during that during that time they will have gone through the mets so they will they got a four fourgame set with the mets we'll get a real good feel for where they're at after facing for for out of those five aces i think one of the biggest things for for them is what they're six and six against the nets this early sorts five hundred baseball against.

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