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Know you're given the same treatment or the row. And that's the base of the energy it doesn't discriminate against you. It doesn't care if you have a bank account of fifty million pounds or even a bank account minus twenty pounds, you know it will treat you. It will get you Bethany would fight told you. You know on this battle because we all know illness Israeli isn't it? You know your body's fighting the gyms are. Fighting the virus away of out Yoga. But rotated. I remember during the last election the story in states you parents have to a the whole that newborn baby. Agrees quoted. I just couldn't get hurt. I really could. I couldn't Klatten mic because in the UK, a parent doesn't pay the hold the baby appeared. Laurie of off the giving this. Do you know what I mean? Is someone to be now. which now, how how do they pay for all of that Terry and? Who Pays for that? Okay. So basically, the host of the conduct of the cold. Nationally showroom. So it's a Basenji, each taken away y'all individual paycheck benefits in everyone as they should. National uninsured has. Another. Option. So you have something in the UK, corded own age Ed should. When you become owed over outlined. Is Sixty five last week. So next year, she'll be sixty six until qualify for her or extension. So. Sorry I. Do know this and just googling myself. Naturally insurance has aged a bit and even. An old of this isn't new to us. Because it's been around since twelve to. The government to this. Was the government directly also too. So he might be fine. We have relaxation Winston. Churchill was removed from office and the Labor Prime Minister Clement clearly haven. What's thing but I said to you about being. The national health shoot that's what have save is itself. Whilst Curry. By? Welshman, from. A nine bedroom I'm. So you know people say. You Own comments again or face Wales ever broke to the United Kingdom while Wales brought you the enemy jets your royal. So. If it wasn't for Wales most if you. Keep. Die. Of Diseases such as cultural. inman fifties they were still. There was still cases where you could you know the. Didn't know how to look after themselves wash their hands and stuff. It did not get a TV program. Coal. Co Ltd quarter way you all that's actually some of that of that program. Is actually what the UK not like in the fifties. Because, you must remember it was bombed out. Yet you. Building a wall so I don't know people for the wool would different yeah. Because you didn't have to rebuild every. Where I live in A council state. So where I live itself. By one of the worst. State in the UK for crime forever, it isn't any mole jumped twenty years of those people in the prison kind. But. Basically. It. Where I live the history here is. Most of the people moved into this estate. So the fist have arrested the my house. My House is Italy a two bedroom house with. Only two us to live. On it's a living room kitchen from downstairs. Attic. You know certain normal British house. Where the fifth resident kit actually clean live in slums, and they were clearly slums of just after the fish will in the nineteen twenties. So took time to build states actually you know Kane a month once you've paid the. Problem they have applause. People couldn't afford that half. They couldn't afford to go and see adult doctor. You still have the disease that was in Just replicate excel in the new. States said the only way that they could get around it was from the National Health Service now back to nationally shoe ripped. You Take it culture bution CPO in. Compact so. You have to pay tax to tax on your innings. So. You pay. An inland is national issue. Tony about six per month. It's not a little of money. If that makes sense. The pay everyone to be treated. As equals into Paul. Everything goes into a hope. Like. Cooking. He goes into a big colt the it's then distributed to else the benefits because. Now. She's also covers. Benefits such as universal credit. Yeah. That benefit just make any law it has done more damage. Is So, who who gets to choose what service. Is provided to you. Okay. So we got have individual hospitals like you have a husky like. I of individual hospitals. We have stuff like that. So basically. Where I live, you have a hospital trucks or an NHS trust a national health service trucks. here in. Wales. we. We have evolution. So the government does not controlled the health policy in Wales or in Scotland or in all in northern Iowa the UK government only control the behalf.

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