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Falls Church before 47597732 Come on news time. 1 54 traffic every 10 minutes on the Ford from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center around federal way on highway 18 is where we have our biggest issue Right now. Eastbound and westbound traffic is halted between I five and warehouse her way because of a semi truck fire. It was earlier a crash between a pair of semis. At whatever happened in that crash sparked a fire and is completely burned out one of the semis and there is a large fire response. They're still thick black smoke coming out. So even if you're just near the area that could be a visual distraction, But for the actual traffic, trying to get through the highway 18 corridor completely blocked between warehouse away and I five as far as alternates. There are a couple surface streets that might might work out for you. If you are really desperate to get from, say, to coma to Auburn, your easiest bet might actually be taking 167 through Puyallup and then all the way up to Auburn that direction. We have no indication at this point how long traffic is going to be blocked on highway 18? Between warehouses ER and I five will, of course, keep you up to date. It does look like some traffic is able to divert over to warehouse or way before you approach this fire. On eastbound 18 other than that really serious issue. We're not dealing with many crashes. Other than that we've had one kind of lingering issue in Olympia near Plum Street. But the accident has cleared and I five North bound traffic is starting to get back up to speed slowly but surely traffic every 10 minutes on the four sponsored this time by indeed dot com, hiring with indeed instant match you get access to quality candidates. His resumes on indeed fit your job description. Right wing you paid opposed to job learn more at indeed dot com slash credit. Now, the Comal forecast weather is going to stay fairly benign over the next several days with temperatures today and tomorrow in the Upper seventies, maybe just the low seventies for Thursday, but in any case pleasant, some morning.

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