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Be just i i have two daughters hopefully they'll have multiple grandchildren so i compound one on one day about rizzo and then i come out another one another day talking about garrett cole i'm i'm getting ten with stories about gary cole's legendary awesomeness i'm worried about the astros just completely blow in this season apart and kind of losing the to live by jin like we had we relaxed the ringer emma be show a couple of weeks ago which you've been on and yeah did it over unders last week and michael bowman had zach cram who's one of our rising stars here there and who just calmly laid out like the ale westover enters he's just ripping off facts and they get to the astros and he's like the astros have seven of the best ten best starters in the division it's like two of them can't start because they could only start five guys at a time so they had to move to the bow ped it's a disaster johnny it's not good i will i will say this yes they they have kaikal i'll believer lander can do it for full season i mean i know he was brilliant in the postseason no one knows them more than me i i wanna see ver lander whenever ag is and how many miles armed do it for full season and regardless of his debut i wanna see say cole do it over the course of a full season they have the amazing thing though i will give them this is that you cons own connecticut's own and you own george springer is turning himself into a superstar now he has been good mcewen peacock would probably be the number two starters on the red sox depending on if this david price thing is real or not i i don't want to get my hopes up he does like better this year yeah we'll see i think it could be long here but i'm glad you brought up you come because that was one of the reasons you called.

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