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Isn't But. I wish to have anywhere. What you mean Just that. Was your friend. That's right. It was my friend. When I read about his accident, hurt even killed it hit hard. It hurt plenty. And I guess it hurt even more when I learned even stealing from the company. So I took the job of digging into the trying to find some answers. I. Didn't want the job didn't want any part of it but I took it anyway somebody had to do it. And he had been my friend wants. And then. I find out. He's still not easily means. Now I've got to catch him and take them back to stand trial, and that's going to be even tougher than facing his death in the family was a crook. If Ed were alive. You take him back. Help send him to prison like any other common criminals what he hasn't he He was your friend skip it. You wouldn't understand. If you'd let me try. Only thing you are trying to do Mrs Barrett is to con me into thinking I might possibly be wrong thinking. Maybe it was somebody else in your room last night I turned the idea is to throw me off balance just long enough. So the two of you can make a run for it. NICE TRY ON A. Off Edna, we're going to be married Johnny the shock of his. Talk about you. He told me whether sway hard and cold and ruthless. Excusing what to expect I didn't believe it. I didn't think anyone could be as. Good Morning. I don't believe you met my companion I have not been so fortunate senior. This is Captain Garcia of the Panama police versus Barrett. Honored Sin Yada big idea to take a careful look at us. You will probably be arresting the next day or so as an accomplice to fraud. Let us hope such regrettable necessity these not happened. Thank you captain I'm sure it won't. Mr Dalla has rather boorish sense of humor comprehension you. Mr Dolla. It's possible perhaps that I speak a little with you assure. Imagine Mrs Barron will be happy to excuse me at this point as. And then the Johnny. He was your friend. I did not wish to mention this matter before this year at all I. Think he's better. She's not here. It here one your turned up something citizen you're. I have value not even the little dog and hide from Garcia saw. We have looked at this man.

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