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The time they know more about sports than you do i got news for brock's not going to be any better and even if they don't will continue to say they do like who i'm sorry i hear you over him scoring a gamehigh twenty nine points well it doesn't matter because you laws it's ryan kaufman and chris brayden on drivetime sports and he touched me on extra sports 1300 dr time sports got the godfather wheels we got dan mormon move in his mic around like so now and so i wanna thank you for doing that because we'll gets upset with me budgeting these deputy 48 does because i move it around because that thing i agree that thing is hard to get into a good spot and keep it there like look how far you're having to reach for your computer and now now he's done uncomfortable now alike i phichit i'm a big fidget guy i can't sit in the same position for three hours neither but last week of eventually all all lean forward yeah and i'll be really close to the computers than i'll have to move the mic forward like i wanna i always wanted drive the show because like this is the most comfortable spot in the studio like look at me like i could get a lazy i know not a fulltime radio guy but i don't think it matters where you sit microphone wise except for maybe where wheel in order to drive the shells mine right but you can sit here and drive the show there is no difference.

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