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Five get your calling right now, not sure how long we're staying on this. But we're talk we're taking a handful of phone calls about Cory Booker. He has announced what everybody knew was coming. But it's official now he is running for president of the United States of America. And what is your take? What do you think? Do you like them? Do you hate him? Do you even trust them? And it's mentioning that a lot of the polling says much of America does not know about him. I'm thinking he's gonna try and change that very quickly or you could help. What would you tell people in Iowa about Cory Booker? How would you describe him one eight hundred two eight three one point five Joe and spotswood you're on New Jersey one zero one point five. Hey, guys. How're you doing? Okay. A couple of quick things. So I'm on my office between all mixture of Republicans, Democrats independents. The first thing this morning. He started chancing Spartacus Sparta. Oh, that's too funny. All of us. He's never going to live that down. And maybe you guys verify this it after the cabin all Dennis you come out and say he had an incident with the woman, he apologized about that incident. Yes. When he was in Stanford. He tried to take liberties with a woman. But yeah. And it's kind of had the nerve to rip apart and that was after the area. So, you know, he's he's just a jokester from norc, and that article that you were just talking about you star ledger. Maybe did a couple of good things that the mayor what have you done as a Senator? Article about what he's done in the Senate. Can't remember off the top of my head. I mean, he had a long. Time as mayor. Oh, and Joe here's another thing. Do you ever think about this? I don't remember with the Katie Brennan rape allegation against Al Alvarez. That's been going on here in jersey. And he's the US Senator from New Jersey he had a lot to say about Cavanaugh at about. Why Ford should be believed who was not nearly as credible of a witness as Katie Brennan. So where is his comment about Katie Brennan being believed? I never heard him talk about it at all very strange. You know, I got you buddy. Mercy. So I mean, it's just a double standard. You know, what it really is you know, as far as him running. I mean, I just think he's a joke. Wow. We need a new party. We need a new party. I feel like the Republicans have just hung themselves and the Democrats have gone so progressive, I it's like they both lost their way, we need a new party. But I don't see it happening Millard Fillmore was a week. You bring back the we think it's time to bring back the Whigs. Yeah. The weeks Paul in Newark on New Jersey one zero one point five. What's up guys? Hey, this whole platform where you ran for mayor of York was primary any became there. Have you laid off one hundred sixty plus cops. And then he changed his platform education dot a billion dollars donated and that wandered away. No one knows where it went as far as the other stuff, you covered a lot of it. But the fire that he ran into this guy. Of your tweets officers that are assigned to protect them like every other American city did and still does so protective detail for there. Are you gonna let them run into a burning building? I think not I think what ended up happening with that was. You know? Protection detail ninety percent, the work and and didn't see any benefits one. It's a joke. He is the other guy he helped out. Gang member come on. Anyway. Remember that in the I only vaguely not enough to not enough to speak on it. It would entrust myself Paul, thanks for your call. Ron and Edison, you're on New Jersey one zero one point five. Hey, guys. How're you doing? All right around. A what do you think about Cory Booker is president? Who do ficus? Please. Focus. Oh, yeah. Right. Duplicates. Moron. Why you know, how how how dare he attacked Cavanaugh where he's hiding his, you know, to have the same problem, and there's no up absolutely zero proof the cabinet on. I guess in Cory booker's defense. I mean, his was supposed to be like he tried to cop a feel now that he tried to actually rape somebody. And he that's but it was dug up and he had to answer for it. But I think it. Yeah. Yeah. But wasn't it that she moved his hand away? And then he said, listen like he persisted or he endured or it was his own writing. And how he moved in again after being told. No. So I you're right in that. It was not the same level of aggression as Ford described as Dr Ford described, but it was still denying that. No means no, I think it's valid John in Ewing. You're on New Jersey one zero one point five, I really hope Cory Booker wins. The democratic nomination was that okay? And the band of morons and Democratic Party just makes better every day. I thought we finally had somebody who was. Morning glory. Put. There is a wall of more Democratic Party between the core. One talking about the world's going to end in twelve years. The ninety percent taxes on everybody just keep lining idiots up. Donald Trump must be chomping at the bit to get into a debate with these people because there are so disillusioned just so out of their minds the way they think he has to be laughing Horry Booker. He's the biggest idiot on the plane win. That's a pretty strong state. There's a lot of contenders for that title. The big come on. Have you driven New Jersey? The biggest idiot. I will give you this though. Cory booker. I don't know how he would be a debate. I haven't followed them that closely. But as far as just a public speaker, he's very good. He's extremely good. He got on the map, but the two thousand sixteen democratic national convention with his speeches primetime speech. That was a a he did. And do you. Remember, how fiery it was? It was almost like evangelical in nature rise up, right? But he could definitely he could definitely inspire people. But ours politics, really what you want. That's the thing. All right. We're probably gonna move on from this. But yeah, because what all of next year it's going to be like way too much talking about Cory Booker. So we'll we'll bring something else up coming up on New Jersey one one point five three thirty..

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