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Dresen. How're you this fine morning. Oem doing well. You gotta love a weekend like we just had with. You mentioned the no hitter with spun. And i've got my big toe name. I don't think you have any idea. What the toes are all about. Why we're doing this on squad kassim for some reason. Your name today is big. You want explain that or you saw. what's your. That's all season the after last night's game. Oh alberto who didn't wait. No taito is clearly one of them outstretched in touch it. It's all good what how many times a phillies have been on the wrong end to something like that. I don't care and by the way. The replay system clearly does not work because he did not. That's on play. By the way between that. And the mets game the other day with michael conforto you know. It's not perfect but we make it work. Close the perfect and then. Yesterday the mets started a game. Marcus stroman through nine pitches and now. He's catching friday. What a joke. It's like i baseball. Has its own worst enemy. Sometimes but the and honestly the bone thing. I don't think he touched home. Plate i don't know how replay missed it but what happened afterwards with the fans throwing stuff on the field. I mean give me a break. I mean it's a baseball game people. But i but in a way indefens- in those two situations is that it's not like the game was clearly swing in the other direction. It's not like the marlins were winning that game against the mets. That would have just meant there. Were two outs. And it's not like in this case. It meant that the braves won that game but fans. Don't whatever i know. i don't know any that way. Let's move on and talk about actual fantasy baseball from this weekend. Lots to discuss. And we'll start with your musk because that's interesting stuff there and you know i've been talking this guy up. Since he was a minor leager for the astros and every year muss grove would end up with an ear. Ray that didn't look menstruate it. With his fifth. In other words he was out pitching his peripherals. And is this the year. Finally now that is on a good team although he was on. I don't know if he was a good asher steam but yeah he was right wasn't he. Still anyway he never would. He always had an near earring looked bad but a whip that looked. Ok in in relation and now he's off to a great start. you know. texas is offense. Come on it's not it's not great arizona's offense paintings for fifteen innings. Three hits neria walk eighteen strikeouts. He closed lachapelle pittsburgh as well but overall this guy with a four twenty career a and a fifth that i think is quite a bit lower so this is actual merges or is this a guy you should trade as soon as you can. I you know normally on this show. We'll say coming off a no hitter. It can't go anywhere but down so go ahead and go to the trademark and see what you can get. I don't feel that way with him. I think is the line for some great things and you pointed out very well here that in twenty seven twenty ten his fifth was four tenths of a run lower than is the ira so this could just be some correction. Actually part of the things supporting it is that he's changed his approach. He's leaning on his secondary pitches instead of the fastball. And i think that's working very well for him. The blessed he's up a little bit there but also a lot more cutters curveballs. Look what i see so far. Yeah i do too. Basically he was a fastball. Half the time guy. And now. He's not and it's working for him. But can you tell the listeners. In general why would a pitcher consistently have a fifth better than his ear. Ray we were talking about this twenty years ago. Dave bush obviously must up. Should be better than that but y if a pitcher consistently does that is that scream auroras is coming or is he just one of those guys who can't get through his stuff like a can't pitch to his potential so it's interesting you brought up dave bush because one of the areas in which he struggled was working out of the stretch when he had met on base he had some issues. He was great when he was thrown out of the wind. Up in there was no one on. He was significantly better than i think. It changed some of his pitch selection. I haven't dug deeply enough into moss grows i. It's too starts. It's a small sample to notice whether there's a change in his pitch selection when he has runners on base this year but if you look at the career numbers weighted on base bases to ninety six when men were on was three twenty seven up to the stage of moscow's career so maybe that explains a little bit that can be one area in which the fifth ends up being lower than the ira. Another one can be bad luck. I mean and one of the great things is when we have statcast data like we do now. We have things like expected. Batting average expected weighted on base average expected. Era and those can tell you when a pitcher has been genuinely unlucky moving on now. The only player higher on the player reiter than ronald kunia. Junior who i think is number one i moved into the top of my rankings. Right now the only play better than that hit three home runs on sunday. That's jd martinez. A boston and have your buys off to a decent start as well a couple homers and steals and i wrote my com today. Basically saying these guys are complained about the lack of in game video and twenty twenty. Maybe they were right i. I'm not saying that they were they. Were wrong there. Were just other factors. There that led me to believe Artigas being thirty-three hit fastballs. Last season was that all in game video via stealing bases again. Is that in game video on. They're not walking. But you were more onto them than i was Have we learned anything here. Jd martinez just hit three homers against the orioles this glacier taurus some there i mean he lopez started the game but are you. Are you ready to say that. Jd martinez is fully back to what he was when he was averaging a three twenty batting average and forty home runs a.

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