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Kremlin contact to discuss socalled dirt on secretary clinton while we know that mr papadopoulos had extensive email exchanges with other trump officials regarding his outreach to russian officials his his his admission released yet today raises many more questions than answers mr mollar and his team should be allowed to seek answers to those questions without interference from the president or anyone else the stakes could not be higher we're talking about the pride and wellspring of our grand democracy free and fair elections which have been going on for more than two centuries and were disturbed and adulterated by a hostile foreign power with no good intent for the people of this country it's critical that we need to get to the bottom of this that special counsel muller's job and he must be allowed to perform it without interference the rule of law is paramount in america we pride ourselves on the investigation must be allowed to proceed unimpeded the president must not under any circumstances in any way interfere with the special council's work if he does congress must respond swiftly unequivocally and in a bipartisan way to ensure that the investigation continues and the truth the whole truth comes up the senate democratic leader chuck schumer earlier today on the senate floor in other news today army sergeant bo burghal unexpectedly taking the stand in his sentencing hearing to apologize to service members who were wounded searching for him burghal was the first witness whom the defence presented as they began putting on their evidence in the sentencing hearing they had not previously made it known that bogor doll would address the court in his remarks were his most extensive yet he said quote my words cannot take away with the people have been through under questioning by his own attorney he also gave a lengthy description of his five years of captivity by the taliban he gave unsworn statement meaning that the judge will considered but bogor drawled will not be crossexamined by the prosecutors you're listening to washington today on cease then radio tuesday on cspan redial five at ten am eastern the senate homeland security governmental affairs committee hearing on the federal response to this year's hurricanes with testimony from the theme administrator and officials from the health services department and.

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