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Amanda burks to put us on the testing strategy pilot. If I'm having trouble with one of the manufacturers I could call the chief of staff and they work on figuring that out if we for. Several weeks New Mexico is a tier two state, which meant for some reason. I don't know how that arbitrarily got done. We couldn't get as many P. and related supplies. End I not that removed. We've had folks come here and help navigate even the National Laboratory. Support now working on the detention centers I. Want them to follow every federal detention center ought to follow the same. Prison reform present activities that we have making sure that our inmates in our officers safe as they can be. We had an outbreak. Where did it come in federal detention center, and so I'm getting some support now. But this could have been done as a federal strategy and again we wouldn't be in this situation. We're in with an out of control national infection rate. Where it's. Industrialized nations, the worst and so many more people have died and will die. It's unconscionable for this nation in the situation. Governor we've got seven minutes and I've got more than seven questions to ask you I'm GonNa go to a question from from a viewer who in that you've mentioned several times that people coming in from out of state have to quarantine and this question from George Henry George Henry. Schneider from Oregon asks. Your requiring a fourteen day quarantine for most visitors New Mexico, how you enforcing that. So enforcing the quarantine is top. We're asking that are watching industry. Don't accept first of all. That's not an enforcement, but it's a proactive approach. You should not have any reservations from folks out of state in less. They affirmed that they're clear that they have to stay in that cabin the entire fourteen days before they can go out. We're asking the same things of our businesses. We restricting access to things like. Restaurants so that it I hope it's not as enticing. They have to wear masks. We have signs outside at the airport. We've got staff who tell you it's a fourteen day quarantine. If you're pulled over out without a mask and we find out that you're from out of state, you will get cited for violating a fourteen day quarantine the hard part about enforcing it is that we're not at every airport. People are driving in I. Do not know. And, if one of our hospitality industry partners doesn't hold them accountable, I may or may not know about that situation so better. Enforcement were trying to be proactive, which means I'm literally advertising through our Department of Treasury system saying as much as we want your business. This is not when it's good for business..

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