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That was sweet awesome. They seem great. Yeah! I love hearing about people's stories like what you say. Like what Meredith was saying about how? You know getting to know people now like sitting on your couch. Your is always like you have to go out. And that's so much pressure, and now you really don't. Why was love stories about? But it doesn't hurt because my advice I'm a Luddite. I always think people should go out, but. You Can't go out. Now. Are we of those kinds of stories about? The bizarre, that bizarre circumstances that led you to the life. You're living, you know and like I remember I I wrote a speech for a wedding. Once the what the marriage did not work out, but the speech was a real banger and it was basically talking about somebody's Somebody's journey to finding each other like essentially, I said like if you believe in fate. or you believe in random chance both explanations for people finding each other are so infantile finally like. Illogic improbable and unlikely that they're they're they're they're beauty will blow you away. You know even if you think there's some kind of magic force, bring us together, or do you think like you had a dream about me before you called me? That is true. I had a dream about you, but I was having that wasn't really magical. I was like Hotta Trou-. But you know what I did. Do I had a dream about you and then had a dream about Whoopi. Goldberg says her separate. And I told you I had a dream where you me Whoopie Goldberg hanging out together because I thought it'd be a little forward to be like I had a dream about you. So Whoopi Goldberg you are party. That I didn't attend. So Thank You you know and I'm glad I'm glad business with the. That that? Grad told you about that dream. You know why. The. Love you..

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