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We don't arrive to the point where now. If that's the number one priority now the administration will tell you to be fair. They will say covert nineteen enrollment. Down you. know we're not receiving the type of endowments other institution on that other places are and they have a fair point. You know they do have a point in that but the thing is is the faculty understand that and they came to the table understanding that you know. This is an extraordinary year under extraordinary circumstances. But what they've been offered it just it doesn't match up with the information that's out there. There are institutions in the united states of education who have been devastated by cova. they've had to cut departments. They've had unilaterally take extreme measures. Get rid of tenure stuff like that but oakland university of when you look at their finances. They're not in that kind of situation. It's not an ideal economic situation but it's not the dire straits that other institutions are Which is what the faculty are saying. You know from the faculty's perspective. From what i've heard and what i've seen the economic proposal that initially came across the table from the administration was in the space from an outsider's layman's point of view. I've noticed over the last few years that oakland spent a lot of money on physical plants is is that part of this discussion too. Because i mean i. It seems like they've built new structures. Lots of physical things as opposed to you know doing things with the staff and the faculty it's difficult First off open university for those ryan acquainted. It's a bit unusual as a university. Because it's very much a commuter school. It's not like east lansing or like ann arbor where everybody's in town. There's this big on. Campus community community So the layout of the campus for years. Now they've been behind on space for years. They have not had the type of building space really required to accommodate slowly the campus community the student body etc so constructions very complicated issue. Because you can look at it and you can say. Why are we spending all this money. Where our priorities at other people including faculty that'll tell you like a you know we need more space. We need space for students need space for our professors. We need administrative space so we can take care of students with disabilities students with special needs so there can be the type of confidentiality in the type of care that goes into the education process. So that's a complicated issue in those kind of the two sides of fair fair and finally before. I let you go students. Do you have a sense of what students are feeling on the ground. It's got to be frustrating. To not have classes start is a very strange experience this morning. Being around campus being out on the picket line seeing students i will say that as editor in chiefs. Iv utilize the letters to the editor function of the oakland post in the forum. Anybody wants to see what informed students alumni are saying about the situation. That's up at oakland post online dot com in..

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