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And follow us on twitter at the last would sb and as you just heard our our lovely voice over girl saying mnet opener john here we go it bothers me a little bit this whole tennessee story that a mob mentality one out i am all in favour of all the school listening to their to their students obviously but this has got to be the most asinine ridiculous act password story of of college football foreign now it it it it's schalke because tennessee was a program that at one time held a lotta respect in the sec back when guys like peyton manning and terry fair in el the kamara and people i wore the the the the bright orange fat some it right now is go the wrong over a new grave after all this i gotta i gotta tell you from the beginning it in i have never been on a coach exurbs john i'm sure you have it either but i would imagine that university tennessee the once the minute they fired butch jobs i bet you any amount of money john kerry the president of the university i would imagine probably a couple of members of the board of regents i would probably imagine some high profile boost rozier donors con all sat in you'll the fox director the assistant athletic directors' allotted so forth i would imagine they all did their research right i mean i yields cutting through hours and hours and hours of of of of research and and manpower it it resources there if you told me that you spread all that time and greg seattle's name came up and there were not enough red flags that tells me one or two things either number one that is just plain old negligence i tell the seas park in if that is that is if they knew that greg seattle was linked to somehow by third party hearsay or whatever to the jerry sandusky case or on the other end to me your personality doesn't dictate how will you could do your job and we all know john in this day and age college football personality means nothing it's what you do on the field batters am i am i corrected that assumption yeah okay so you look me in.

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