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I'm going to piggyback a little bit of George said, this looks like the happiest of ever seen you the feeling with victory is it the same as the feeling was. Three for mixed. Martial arts. Yeah. You know, it's it's your hot work. It's your fight handle the sacrifices nyc leading up to that. And then when in it's that's the feeling get. So no matter what what kind of fight on fighting one of my v, but in the retail scene in style to win that but at the same way as when I want my feet five. So I don't think it matters. What you're fighting in. What commercial you're fighting in. It's great to get old your hard work pay off and get three at the end. So so I I hate losing. You know, like, I'm very competitive. And so we thought that we is the notion you kinda claim. What about the process prefight in mixed? Martial arts a bunch of people in your division. They tell you got such such next. You kind of have an idea roughly of who that person is maybe go back and do some footage in bare knuckle when they tell you this is going to be your opponent. What are the steps from there? Do you do you try and find as much footage as you can? Or is it just more about the preparation on your side? Yeah. It's always good to to study European it. Yeah. You just wanna get us it. Neither of what they gonna be coming at you with my apartment that I'm facing on Saturday night has absolutely nothing online. She's a Mexican fighter and she's bold on many televised events. So it really hard to find anything on her. So what kinda going into this and the dock but in saying that even if I could find her even study at not really gonna what I'm gonna do. I'm prepared to any trying to fight in this or it doesn't really matter to me. But yet you would be nice to study them that it's not like the the end of the well, he can't find any footage because the sheet I'm doing on on on gonna do out there on Saturday night. Doesn't matter what she's right that me. That's what's up handle your own business, right back. Right. You've got to focus on yourself. You're gonna go out there. And what Bill game plan is not what they gonna do. I feel like I've always got old. Oh, covet. I'm on my attacks. I'm moving my defense. And I definitely I know how to be awful, especially more than these boxes. So that's definitely the edge taking into into class nothing creating every time I thought. If you've ever been to Cancun, but it's kind of like a Paradiso first of all handle your business on Saturday. And then enjoy the beaches of Cancun. Enjoy the food stay away from the water drinking, it, you know, you gotta be careful there. And Lastly, I don't know what the weather report is for Saturday. But I do know that it's tonight and hot Tamale. Thank god. There was a delay there. I thought I thought my jokes. All right. My joke suck there. But you gave me a last minute laugh. So appreciate that. Hey, it's always great. Having you on good luck on Saturday. Right. Thank you so much guys token. All right. That is Beck Rawlins shot out to Josh for getting both rigs and Rawlins on Beck can be followed on Twitter at rowdy back. All right. So we're commercial free, right? We're good there. Are we I think we are all set. So now we have time to do our daily debate. And we have our last caller we're gonna get the last hour. Commercial one Marshall. Oh, holy cow. We do. All right. We got it. Does that make junkie radio fight nation? Channel three. We will be right back..

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