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And we talked about you mike mckay and the carry on top the danube if you will be thomson submachine gun the tommy gun wv jane wrestler paul vandivert front vicar and michel sabbah jumped into the capital district not station slung 1300 here's or talk 1300 forecast clear skies tonight with temperatures in the upper 50s for overnight lows in by monday plenty of sunshine returns with warm weather high spouting the low 80s as we head into monday night fairweather skies although temperatures near sixty degrees then partly to mostly sunny on tuesday could be an isolated shower in the mountains but our area should stay mainly dry with highs in the upper 80s with your spectrum news forecast i'm meteorologist heather morrison for talk thirteen andrea says and pollutants wave the big agenda item at the white house tomorrow new chief of staff john kelly vacating the secretary of homeland security secretary position in an attempt to bring some discipline to the executive office last week we saw the president chastise his attorney general we saw the white house communications director scott gold the chief of staff so harshly that the chief of staff resigned and then in two speeches to the boy scouts and a local law enforcement the president made remarks and those organisations ended up distancing themselves from those remarks abc's david right at the white house russia has put the boot to 755 you us diplomats in that country it's retaliation for new congressionally approved sanctions against russia for its meddling in last year's election after north korea's test of a missile at claims could hit anywhere in the us the us flew to be one bombers over south korea in a show of force and claimed a successful test of anti missile system in the sky off alaska richard cantu you are listening to talk 1300 hello americans i'm todd stearns with news and commentary next friends are you taking.

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