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This is the supreme court case involving the colorado baker who did not want to make a cake for a gay couple of and the kate stanley case in san francisco the supreme court is due hearing oral arguments this week in a case involving a colorado baker confused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple because of his beliefs david moen says he and his husband heather civil rights violated the baker rejected the request here's a could forbid when we got in the parking lot at and berry things were met that i cried harley by lee or pau roads and felt rejected and we felt like secondclass citizens in our society are dr john eastman henry saba tori professor of law chapter university joining us to sort out the different parts of this case thank you so much for being with us larry talked about your here is a case that pits one set of rights against what is believed to be another set explain this well and let me back up one step because it's important to acknowledge that at the time samesex marriage was illegal in colorado that's occurred uh they had gone to massachusetts to secure a marriage license and now they were coming back because they need their their own state was doing the same thing the jack phillips no owner masterpiece cake shop stairs is i'm not going to participate in a samesex marriage because it violates my religious beliefs now so uh the colorado public accommodations law or colorado human rights law says you can't discriminate and places the public accommodation on the basis of race sex and religion and sexual orientation uh now jack phillips the owner master.

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