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You know, whatever was going to be a restaurant when I get these are things that you can you take the opportunity and you make the most of do the best of it and other opportunities open up because of those? Yes. And it's like you, you gonna just, okay. This is what I have again back to the causing dealt. This is what I have. I can eat the most about it or I can shove it up and go look, look what I've just made like member. None of these stupid gimmick with just my now. I'm the most over bony on this show, but just, you know, like it's just one of you given it's an opportunity and I, you know, you you on the show like don't disrespect that because there's hundreds. And thousands of people would beg to be on the show you on the show. You have an opportunity. You just make to maximize what you do. They saw an if you con- you know, we'll get somebody else. That's what happens is the reality. What and and by doing that in having them intelligence than the door did open, you know, in terms of, you know, exhibition and and having you know, series of matches where you're getting now, the chance outside of character actor she'll you can do to it, was it? It was crazy because I was wrestling Co. I was wrestling, I was wrestling, I was, I went to eighteen tables and among thanks to bully. We'd like venture as well because we'd hide. That was the thing we paid off every way because the logical, the logical bumping and I get so say like, why don't the all on the manager of actually throw? Why don't the type of the every night you don't have to sacrifice alleged. I've gotta get up from what tomorrow, but the biggest pop of the he's gonna be tight. So it was me told him and I had no trouble tightening and like that's what I love the by Bubba because like like he kind of mental main away. But like you know, in the white Boli does. Oh, all that much. My mom, I and having. There was there was no big of a rush than like making much self so annoying and wine in doing desperately things when I went through that tai-bo audience when rapper of his, it was just it was cold. And then from as you from that got to might have been Wembley arena against three and like that was as a Cape going open. England might have Wenbley. Well, yeah. Like is the best thing, especially the best place that I've like there was only like full bumps in the match and we went twenty minutes. We just hold the stolen and we plan this diet is just that that was what my favorite Tyco I, there was no physical, you know, there was no harm and physical Antoine voice and wrestled that match and the need to do because he trusted me. 'cause like south. And that was like whatever somewhere I saw so much. Granted, these, he's just an absolute stud. Just fun through pain and just keep going, keep going. So how good does it feel or actually, you know, you told me, does it feel that day when okay? Yeah, main eventing Wembley and here I am. Does it feel like vindication? Does it feel like, okay, this is just the next step on my path. What how do you feel. That day before and after. It's way because my mom and dad was a and I knew I was always getting color because this story we wanted to find and pay the town rich rednecks grade and just. The story wanted to tell a new who's going to be ready, ready. Good. But it was just like I was so focused on a new AC trae plays pop. The thing most stone is the company warning that this I wanted him to a world champion coming out of this with the most possible. And it was like, okay, but he's three also as well. He's mentalities. Yes, I've got by five years really rolling and I'm gonna get him over. So we both working for each other and they may just icing. That still the indication working backside. Like I think that was my first run flows resolutely. She stood me. But that that was my first round Nicole for food who work, you know. When you get that man, it's just really cool. 'cause for me, pay and everything that goes along. Why you know. It's just it's just nice. That's why the industry's hours what people that. See..

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