Greensboro, North Buffalo Creek, Richard Stelling discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Shot just text the word child eight three three nine three to sponsor right now staying connected continues with one oh six one F. M. talk record rainfall causes flash flooding in Greensboro as much as seven inches of rain fell in just a few hours last night turning parts of the city into sudden lakes and rivers many cars were halfway submerged Greensboro police report numerous water rescues thousands were left without power but it's since been restored north buffalo creek reached a record flood stage of almost eighteen feet the good news nobody hurt a happy ending for a man who vanished in western North Carolina Richard Stelling has more a New Jersey man who went missing in the Great Smoky Mountains national park for five days is safe Kevin which disappeared while walking along the park's boundary near the Cataloochee divide trail and he would county last Saturday search crews found Lynch yesterday afternoon about three quarters of a mile from where he was last seen he was reportedly in fair condition and taken to he would regional Medical Center for evaluation at one point around two hundred officials from surrounding agencies or part of the search effort I'm Richard styling a mother who left three kids inside a car yesterday in north Charlotte is being charged with neglect WSOC TV says the car was parked outside a Harris parkway office building while the woman went inside to apply for a job an employee called police after finding the kids who were ages five months two years and four years old paramedics say the children were not injured so what's with the orange pay phone that suddenly appeared on Fayetteville street in downtown Raleigh it was put there by elevation church if you hear it rang and pick it up.

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