SEC, Peter, LSU discussed on Championship Drive


Well yeah we've talked about the the quality of coaching in the sec vis a vis video recent years so we talked about it earlier this week on the show uh brad that's your native land yeah i mean you feel like this is uh this is a positive for the bulldogs i do i like the higher i you guys talked i think it was yesterday about the the pattern in the sec in recent years in terms of the types of coaches they were hiring this is a break from that and i think i think that's good it's thinking outside the box yup as peter mentioned he's very creative offensively and i think when you're going to be coaching a team that will often have less talent than than your opponents you need to be creative you know you you you can't figure years going to line up in a in a phone booth and push around lsu in alabama and and teams like you had alabama obama you're right and so i think i think that's that's important and and and so i think mississippi state was looking at the right types of things out ultimately you know how will it play out how will he recruit in the south these are all questions that have to be answered but there are a whole lot of questions that are always going to have to be answered about anyone you hire you know i i i love when people start throwing around names of coordinators for different jobs that this guy would be a slam dunk now if a guy has never been a head coach before how do you then you don't know i mean just because someone has been a great recruiter or has been able to run an.

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