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Stories we're following for you this morning a new Congress will convene tomorrow Tuesday. Republicans will choose a new House speaker as Democrats undergo a generational leadership change. WTO's Mitchell Miller is on Capitol Hill, House majority leader steny Hoyer, the longtime lawmaker from Maryland, is among those stepping aside for a new democratic leadership team. While the Democrats have had a smooth transition, there's still a rocky road for Republican Kevin McCarthy to become House speaker. While McCarthy is still working on getting enough votes, Hoyer believes that will happen. My expectation will be speaker. Hoyer speaking in an interview on CNN's State of the Union, was asked if he thinks McCarthy has what it takes to do the job. He obviously, if he gets 218 votes, has the ability to put together the votes to be the leader of the party. For his part, Hoyer, who's 83, says he remains open to running for reelection in 2024. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller, WTO news. And as Republicans try to get things sorted out in the House President Biden and his family are wrapping up their vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Happy new year, mister president. After several days soaking up the Saint Croix's son, getting in a round of golf and sampling local cuisine, President Biden says he's feeling bullish on 2023. I've never been more optimistic about America and my whole career. We're the most unique country in the world. We're a product of a possibility. But that positive outlook will be tested when he returns to Washington and a now divided Congress. That CBS Christina ruffini with the president on Saint Croix, mister Biden now said to be deciding whether he'll run for a second term. Former president Trump has already announced his run, but the president has yet to make an official decision. At least nothing is announced publicly. It's two 34. George Santos, who flipped a House seat from Democrat to Republican on Long Island, still set to be sworn in Tuesday in the new Congress. This, despite an admission that his business at school resume that he touted on the campaign trail was made up on Fox News Sunday, Texas Republican congressman Kevin Brady expressed concern. I think this is troubling in so many ways, certainly he has lied repeatedly at the end of the day, though this is a decision, whether he resigns or stays, that needs to be made between he and the voters who elected him. He's certainly going to have to consider resigning. He's got really two choices. I don't know this young man. He doesn't need my advice, surely, but one he can try to politically write it out. We've seen that happen in Washington, D.C., or it can take the tough. There's been no official word from the GOP House leadership whether they'll support Santos as Democrats are calling for him to resign or not to be seated. It's two 34 in California. It's called an atmospheric river, bringing tons of rain, making normal rivers exceed their banks and making levees fail. Sacramento county officials say one person was found dead after attempting to drive through floodwaters, two levees broke near the town of Wilton, causing extensive flooding and shutting down a major highway link between Sacramento and the big valley. We're seeing, I mean, several feet of water at a time. You know, just standing where I'm on highway 99 right now looking out across the open field. And what should be a field looks like a Lake. The water goes as far as the eye can see. And it's very deep. It appears that all of the water is trying to move out and kind of drain down to the Sacramento river. But that's going to take some time because the land is already so saturated. This water has nowhere to go fast. That's reporter Ashley sharp with Sacramento's kovr TV. Russia marked the new year with new attacks on Ukraine as verbal attacks by each country's leaders intensify. Ukrainian troops

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