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Process would alone and put your life rocket can well certainty. Don't know if the Los Angeles Clippers have any certainty. We know for certain that they come from behind in their first two series in this year's playoff run, but this might be a slightly deeper hold. That they've got to dig out up to talk about. These sons in the Clippers is a guy who covers the entire NBA, uh, for the L a times out there in La la Land, Brad Turner good enough to hop aboard for a couple of minutes. Brad Jodi McKay, How you doing tonight? Cannot complain at all, except that well, I'll complain it's hot here in Phoenix. It is hot in Phoenix. I repeat myself, but, hey, I knew it would be hard here, But things are things are hot. Hotter in Phoenix in L. A huh? Hop down the big old jet plane and said, Okay, this This is a you don't you don't buy into that. It's a dry heat stuff. Man. It feels like it's an oppressive heat. Mexican never going to go away and it's going to follow me back to l A. I hope that at least I hope you go back to l A. With a game to cover. We shall see about that. Um, but before we get the game number five that you're in Phoenix for Um, Game four last night. The 3.5 minutes from like the 10 10 mark to the 6 30 mark of the fourth quarter when the two teams combined for exactly zero points, three plus minutes zero points. Was that offensive ineptitude or tremendous defense on both teams parts man. I'm going to say it was a combination of both. Mixed in with the anticipation of a game that the more both teams missed. The more they got tense and tight, each one East team the Clippers. The Sun's trying maybe a little bit too hard to get that basket. And then you just running down the court and nothing was working. I mean, Chris Paul is going to his favorite spot mid range. Two point pull ups can't make a shot. Paul George is getting to the basket can't make a shot. I mean, it was amazing to watch and you can feel the intensity in the building. You could feel how they were just struggling and you watch this. You just kept wondering when is someone going to screw up basket? Is it going to happen before? The sun goes all the way down to the moon comes off the kid. Yes. So, uh, it was some ugly basketball. But the sudden, uh, weather the storm and walked away with a victory. You mentioned Paul George and his inability to score during that time didn't have a great game has been truly up and down since quite Leonard has gone out here. A lot of peak and valley performances in production out of Paul George. The Clippers just have to accept that. That's the fact that he could be great and he helped. We win a game. But he can also have games in moments where he just kind of disappears more than anything else. Is that what Paul Georges Well, he's proven that is the case with him. As you said, inconsistent up and down great. Okay, bad. I mean, he just has the he has his watch the road. Playing basketball. It appears to be that he Can't see the always put it together. The big moments we've done that. I thought he was really good at Game three didn't shoot the bar very well, but he was consistently attacking. I had to give him credit because he played No 40 some minutes in Game two that they want. It played 43 minutes again last night, but let's take their total when you as well but missing the two ft rolls. In Game two. Yes, they still had a chance to win the game. But if it makes those two free throws, then I think they do the game and prior to those two ft throws Hold joint was great in the fourth quarter. I think he has scored eight straight points. The ball was in his hands all the time. He was smooth. It was decisive. So you start thinking now apologize to Clippers want to see All still of that the guy that can deliver just for them. Then, instead of closing the books On that great game for him. In the fourth quarter, he missed the two FT throws. Open the door for sun by the side to steal the game. That's apologize that we have seen all postseason. No. And he is where he is at this 20.1 guy who isn't what he has been. In a series has been DeAndre Ayton. He has upped his game. Um he's gotten the better of Dubai altogether too often for the Clippers liking. This is where the Clippers mitts surge Ibaka who could give him a couple of minutes? In the middle and maybe keep hating someone in check. They don't really have another option at this stage, do they? The Clippers have a smaller lineup they could go with or do they just believe if we go to small, DeAndre Ayton eight, beating our one legit center in too much? If we do triangle smaller, it could even get uglier. There have been times equipment have tried to use DeMarcus cousins. But that hasn't worked either. And the market has mostly been used as a second street center. When so when they use Derek storage out there So whether they go they just turn to zoo was playing some 40 minutes a game because he gives him the best option. When the kids have going small against the Phoenix phone. It just hasn't worked, because unlike wouldn't go bear. Who was the what? Three Times Defensive player of the year. He is a rim protected. He's that mobile. Whereas you have you know, Agent who's At seven FT. Tall 6 11. Runs all over the court. He's mobile can step out on the three point shooters. He can.

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