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And then there was like the one like signal green one right before those cars ever came to America where they building them as race cars over the stream they were more racecars or like streetcar race cars for the street and thing so they were most still racing over there. Yeah. They do. They have the race. And which they've invited me to. But I'm like, I don't fit in normal nine eleven. So we've got to figure that out and I'd love to go race there. But I wanted to build something I wanted to build a streetcar, but I wanted to build something that was like kind of like simple. And like it's like one of my cars, the first card ever have the bottom part painted black, oh, skirt which is a Volkswagen thing like the bottom of like Volkswagen's have like the black. I like the kind of look to it, you know. And then also if you notice this crosshairs in the headlights, so we added cross airs another like weird like Volkswagen. Oh much. Yeah. Just kid who eventually. You got a little bit of money. You're gonna go back thirty five grand. That was a brand new maxima. It. We get a license plate frame made. That says you should have bought it before Tony harbor. Not not a Yvo. Yeah. Yeah. You'll you're going to be laughing now, but to sell that thing you got to buy a house. I don't know, man. It's a it's a hard sell. Yeah. We we put it off Ron house, and they got except that the regulations that actually comes together, but exciting I'm a year from forty and I have thirteen cars and this'll be my first time. Biology's flat Bill if right? All right. Thirteen holy shit. What else is there Porsche fucking old three fifty two days in a CPS ACP's? Yeah. The. So this is always a tough one. So I've got I've got the nine eleven well, I include my wife's car. Okay. Right. So it's a group packet Ashley's got she's got a few. She's got to we've got to. We've got the nine eleven we've got the she has a nine forty four. I have the work. It will. Like a whole joke about how like as Brian's. Does it run when you were running late? I was like, oh, we'll Brian's got. He's got one car running. That's pushing the car in front that Steve. That's amazing. So yeah. So we we've got I've got an Audi four thousand Quattro than I traded for scooter. So which is for sale anybody wants it out here the scooter Audi. Okay. Yeah. I just I want to really focus on the coupe. And I don't need another four thousand. And then I've got a I've got the Nova we've asked that the the even shittier truck that F one hundred the most reliable thing, we all is it yo-. So last year that's an tangent all over it's awesomely, ugly, ugly, an awesomely ugly truck. So last year, we we we were going to. And that's actually that's before. He put the wheels on it. That's not the best photo. There's better for this where it's less ugly last year. We we planned a trip to go on a Baja with all of our friends to go camping. And we have that Land Rover discovery and other vehicle we have them come in right now. And that's good. Are two eight so I'll really really nice kit. But so we were going to go down. And we were the motor in the Rover and all of our friends like, oh, you still gonna come. 'cause we plan the the trend, right? And I was like, well, we don't really have a vehicle to get down there with and like last minute. I was like fuck it. We'll just drive the F one hundred and we drove it to to our south of San Felipe pay from LA, no problems. Everybody else on the trip had a problem with the Rover. Just ran. I mean, the F one hundred just ran great. It has the worst tick and knock it doesn't matter. You'll run. Ronnie runs. Great. It has no choke. So you have to like sit in warm it up for five minutes getting going sitting on the throttle. And it's like an old three hundred sixty you can't kill those. That's awesome. All right. So, but that's actually struck it's ugly, but it works, but it's good because I have a beautiful wife who drives a really tough ugly truck. So was like it's a good combo. It's very Very california. California..

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