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It's a happy hump shell for the Philadelphia. Seventy Sixers as well as for their fans consider this potential starting lineup. If the Tobias Harris trae does go through, and that's the breaking news in the last forty five minutes, the clippers have agreed to trade Tobias Harris with a couple of other players to the Sixers in return for some role players and two first round draft picks one in twenty twenty and the other in twenty twenty one. Walser's so consider this potential starting lineup in Philadelphia. Ben simmons. Embiid Jimmy, Butler, JJ Rettig and Tobias Harris. Okay. Now, sometimes it takes a few weeks. Maybe a couple of months to get the chemistry, right? Especially when you have a personality like Jimmy Butler. And we know that hasn't been completely smooth. But the idea. Is that the Sixers are paving the way here. To keep at least four of these guys to be able to have them as the foundation moving forward and try to win a championship with them. Obviously. Tobias Harris having a career year in terms of scoring nearly twenty one points per game. And did you know he also had the game winner for the clippers on Tuesday night? Did we track down we need to hear it? We need to hear Tobias Harris. So as I mentioned, he's averaging nearly twenty one points per game. He was way above his average in propelling the clippers to victory in Charlotte. Tobias up top with seven to shoot. He goes to the foul circle. The foul line there. What in the for?.

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